Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Not a whole lot going on ...

We took Freyja in for her Feline Upper Respiratory booster.

Both the assistant and the vet commented on what a pretty and sweet girl she is.
(Yup, I'm totally bragging about what a sweet, sweet, gorgeous kitty I have. She's amazing.)

She also got a flea treatment, just in case.

I'll do another one when the weather starts to warm up.

And, as much as she hates being in the cat carrier, she willingly got in it between her weighing and after her flea treatment.

No complaints when she got her shot. ... Which I'm HOLDING OVER THE KIDS, especially after their last flu shot. Bucket nearly deafened me in one ear on that one. *rolls eyes*

And she snuggled with me while I napped. Which was very sweet.

Besides that, I painted Bucket's nails, snuggled with Bruise, read some more of my library book (until my eyes blurred), took a nap, and ate a couple Pumpkin Spice bagels (YUM!)

I also had a shower and a bowl of cereal earlier.

And I filled the gas tank.

And I need to go to the library.

.... Can I get another nap? I still feel fuzzy-headed and want to crawl under the blankets where it's all nice and toasty.

I'm avoiding doing dishes, since I did two loads yesterday ... but, after making pies, I still have another load ready for loading into the dishwasher. *sigh*

Time to get on shoes ... and pick up my hold.
Then to figure out something for dinner. *sigh* :P

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