Wednesday, October 26, 2011

In other news ...

So, where did I leave off?

Bruise and Bucket's Parent-Teacher conferences went well.
We were a little worried that Bruise was put into such a low reading group (ReadWell Unit 4 ... He was through Unit 10 with my mom this summer. And, yesterday, I tried him on Unit 11 ... He did GREAT. Ready for 12, maybe higher) ... but the reason he's in there is because there's no reading group for anything between his current group and the group that Bucket is in (Unit 27).


I'm just saying.

But they know everything they're being tested on (and more, to be honest). Their teacher, Mrs Y, was glad to know that they enjoy using the dictionary (Yes, I'm teaching how to use reference materials at an early age. That's how I roll, homeskillet.) ... Good times.

And we got them each a book at the Book Fair at school. (I love book fairs. I wish I had a bazillion dollars. :P)

So, Tuesday ... the big thing was that we took both the hedgehogs to the vet. And Phyllis is no longer with us.
But Sari is a healthy girl. ... And Michael and the kids went out for pizza. (Little Caesar's Cheezy Bread? YUM! Michael made the kids save me a piece) ... that was while I went to rehearsal.

But I don't have rehearsal Thursday ... it'll be nice to have an evening off from regular rehearsals ... since we now have practice Tuesdays and Thursdays ... and some Wednesdays in the near future.

Also, a cafeteria helper at the school deemed a lunch that I sent with my daughter as inappropriate ... and had her go get a school lunch (which we've been charged for).
Hello? I packed that lunch. It's not anyone's call if it's not appropriate.
So, I'll be calling the principal tomorrow.
(I've talked to the head cafeteria lady about the charge. I've also let poor Mrs Y know what's going on, since, if I were the teacher, I'd want to know. I know that they'll probably talk to the cafeteria helper about what is and is NOT her responsibility ... but I also want to make sure that this never happens again.)

Really, I posted about it on Facebook ... and WOW, people were pretty irate for me.
Which made me feel validated that I wasn't some hormonal, overly-sensitive, preggo lady. ^_^
I love my friends.

Freyja-cat had a vet appointment this morning. Just to get a Distemper/Feline Upper Respiratory shot. I get to take her back for the booster next month. After that, she's all caught up ... and won't need any shots for another year. Which is nice.
She was very well-behaved. Hated being in the pet carrier ... but, besides that? She's such a good girl. ^_^
I do have to say that we have some really wonderful vets here in town. I've received such wonderful service at both the clinics I've been at this week. That's been a nice thing.

Well, I need to go take the kids to their Well-Child Check-Up.
They shouldn't need any shots ... which will be very nice.
And then I can turn in library books. That'll be a good thing, too.
(If only I had read them all! *sigh*)

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