Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Busy, busy, busy ...

And here's why I haven't been posting regularly (well, when I haven't been distracted by reading other blogs, that is):

  • After Thanksgiving, we set up the Christmas tree.
    We also have been watching Christmas movies ... making full use of our Netflix account and the new entertainment system.
    (Michael really enjoyed how clear and vivid "White Christmas" is on our new TV. ... And, remarkably, the kiddos really enjoyed it, too. I didn't think it'd keep their attention ... but, combined with peppermint hot cocoa and some kettle-style corn [I added peppermint syrup to hot cocoa. And air-popped some corn, then added butter, some sugar and a sprinkle of sea salt], they sat and enjoyed it.)
  • I've had lots of rehearsals for Savior of the World. Performances start tonight.
    After the kids go to school, I'm running a few errands, getting a shower, a friend's coming over to help clean up my house (Yes, I have friends that do that!), then I'm running the kids up to their grandparents' house (who will bring them down for the performance ... the kids can go home with Michael. ... But I have to be in stage prep 1.5 hours BEFORE Michael gets home most days. *sigh*). And, after tonight's performance, I'm on clean-up crew ... so I'll be home even later tonight than usual.
    THAT'S why I made sure that we finished reading "Ramona the Brave" last night ... since we won't have time to read that bedtime story until Sunday.
  • Tomorrow, my mom's coming up. She'll watch the kids (and bring them to that night's performance) where Michael will meet them there.
  • Thursday, Michael's taking off early from work ... to take the kids to THAT night's performance.
    Friday, he has his early day ... and they're still planning on coming to that performance.
  • Saturday, I have the cast party (and then a finger-food-type early dinner) and the last performance.
Then I am going to want to hibernate.
The kids have one more week of school after this week ... then Christmas break starts ... and I plan on sleeping in a little.
I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

And, truly? I don't want to go out and brave the 28°F weather this morning.
No snow predicted ... just freezing fog. *sigh*
Better grab my boots and coat and gloves and scarf NOW.

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