Saturday, November 12, 2011

Things I'm Thankful For (#1-12)

Since I've not blogged for a bit, I'm TOTES behind on this.

So here goes ...

Since cultivating an attitude of gratitude always helps me feel chipper-er/more chipper (What IS the comparative form, anyways???).

I am grateful for:

  1. My religion.
    I know that The Church of Latter-Day Saints gets a lot of flack in the news (especially recently) for being a supposed cult or full of weirdos (since, according to the media, there aren't a lot of folks in the world who don't drink, smoke, have pre-/extramarital intercourse, don't wear tank tops or short shorts/skirts) ... But I can testify that I am so glad that I'm a member of this church.
    It centers me. It helps me put things in perspective. It helps me to love those around me more. It helps me to direct my behaviors and attitude in ways that will best ensure my future happiness and that of those around me.
    And, really, what else can one ask of a religion?
    My religion makes me happy. It brings me joy and peace. It helps me make sense of the world. (Not that I understand everything. Nor will I for a looooooooong time ... but it helps.)
  2. My family.
    I am grateful for my family. I'm glad I've been sealed to my husband so that our marriage will not be terminated at death. I'm glad that my children are mine for forever (even though they sometimes drive me barmy).
    I'm so very glad to have a good relationship with my in-laws. I hear horrible stories about people whose in-laws are mean or crazy or something ... but I seriously lucked out with mine! My in-laws are wonderful!
    I'm really glad that my mom is one of my best friends. It's great to have her as a sounding board and a support ... especially since she knows me so well. ^_^
    I'm glad that I've gotten a better relationship with my dad. I don't know that he and I will ever be as close as Mom and I are ... but he's a good guy. And I love him. And I know that he loves me.
    I'm grateful for my cousins and extended family. I'm grateful for my brothers- and sisters-in-law. And my nieces and nephew.
    I'm always grateful for Michael. He really is everything that I've ever needed (and everything that I've wanted). He's a wonderful, supportive husband. He's an excellent father. And he's one of my best friends ever. Even after spending nearly everyday (or at least every evening/night) together for the last decade, I truly can't ever think of anyone else that I'd rather have by my side for eternity.
  3. I'm grateful for modern healthcare. I'm glad to be able to see and hear my children (albeit blurrily and in black and white) before they are born. I'm grateful for pain relievers (especially when it's my loved ones in pain. Toothaches in the middle of the night? We can help!) and vitamins. And, I am seriously thankful for epidurals. ^_^
  4. I'm grateful for Freyja ... and all the other pets that we've had. I'm a strong believer that a cat is the visible soul of a home. And we've been blessed to have wonderful cats (even though, sometimes, their choice of bathroom spots hasn't been the best. :S) and fish, hedgehogs, and a frog.
    Freyja is a balm to my soul when Michael can't be around. And she's good entertainment to boot.
  5. I'm grateful for our home. Not everyone has one. But I'm glad for ours. Even though it is a little small ... and not as modern as I sometimes wish it was. But it's a good home with good memories.
  6. I'm grateful for my children's teachers ... at school, swimming or dance lessons, and at church. They've always been blessed with wonderful people who have worked to teach them AND show their love and appreciation for my children. As an education major, I really appreciate them all.
  7. I'm grateful for the internet ... I love having knowledge and entertainment with just a key keystrokes or clicks. I can look up an address, phone number, book summary, encyclopedia entry ... or watch and read blogs and videos at any time.
  8. Which is one reason why I'm grateful for my smartphone (which Michael bought for me). I can read my scriptures, text or call my friends, check my email, or surf the internet ... or play games. Which is VERY helpful when I'm waiting for my or the kids' doctor and dental visits.
  9. I'm grateful for trees. (Western) Oregon wouldn't be at all the same without them. Even when the birch and aspen trees make me a little miserable, they're all gorgeous and make my home state my favorite place.
  10. I'm grateful for my car. I appreciate having the freedom and ability to drive us to the doctors' offices, to the dentist, to go grocery shopping. I'm glad to have a car that fits our family. And I'm especially grateful that, though it may not be the most stylish ride, it works.
  11. I'm grateful for the servicemen and women who serve our country to ensure our continued freedoms. I'm grateful for the sacrifices that they and their families have made so that we can enjoy the benefits that we do, living in this country.
  12. I'm grateful for our ward family. I love our ward (congregation) at church. People are so kind. Just like at my home ward, where I grew up ... where I truly feel that I have extra grandparents and uncles/aunts. I'm glad that I have such wonderful friends in our ward. And in the neighboring wards, too. We live in a wonderful area.
Okay ... I'm going to finish eating and continue to blink. VERY. HARD. and NOT sniff like a sniffly-sniffler.

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