Saturday, December 31, 2011

December 31st?!?? Already?!?!???? WHAAAAAT???

Oh my flip. It cannot already be the end of the year.

But, apparently, according to all the calendars and major news media, it is!

So ... I'm still a little sick ... but thanks to my mostly-homeopathic arsenal, I'm feeling a lot better today.

(My arsenal?
  • Chewable Vitamin C - Sour Cherry flavored wafers. MMmmmm.
  • Zinc lozenges - Cool Lemon flavor
  • My Neti pot. At least once a day. Usually twice, though.
  • Cold Calm
  • Chestal - for my cough
  • Monolaurin
  • Acidophilus caplets -- to make sure that the good bacteria crowd out all the nasties that are making me sick.
  • My inhalers
  • Sudafed - prescribed by my OB
  • Vicks Vapor Inhaler (it's a tube of Vicks that you can just sniff)
  • Lavender oil applied over pressure points on my sinuses
  • Warm baths with Eucalyptus oil
Yup, that's quite a bit, I know ... and I've been sleeping in. A LOT. I used to get up around 7-ish. Now I'm lucky to be up by 8:30 ... So, yeah, I'm still bouncing back after Savior of the World.)

Bruise and Bucket had half of their dental work done. The other half should be done SHORTLY before BabyGirl comes (still no nickname for her yet). They were both very brave (Michael went back and sat with them while I sat with whoever wasn't being worked on in the waiting room, since they tend to frown upon pregnant ladies being around Nitrous) and are healing well. Bruise had a tooth extracted (BAD cavity) ... so he's sporting a spacer in his mouth (to keep everything in place until his grown-up teeth come in) ... and has a little tooth-hole in there. But he's eating and drinking and doing just fine. Bucket had one cap done (as did Bruise).
However SHE was much more affected by the Nitrous than he was. She was a little loopy and drooling and, well, adorably, pitifully, hilarious.
Kinda like "David After Dentist:"

Besides that, we've kept kinda quiet. Done a little shopping/browsing. I got a new maternity support belt (Couldn't find my old one. Oops!).
We did take the kids to see "Puss in Boots" at a movie theater. It was cute. And, exhausted as I was, I was able to stay awake during the whole show. Michael and I even got to hold hands for a little. (And, really, for $3/ticket, it was great ... even with one lady walking in front of us at least three times to catch one of the kids in her party. But, really ... for less than $5 a ticket, what do you expect?)

Today we cleaned up the house ... well, we made HUGE PROGRESS in picking up the house.
I cleaned up the bathroom counter (which Michael had insinuated he'd appreciate) this morning. He had taken down almost all the Christmas decor by himself (with some help from the kids. And a little from me). We cleaned the living room and dining room, did some dishes, folded and put away some laundry, vacuumed. I cleaned off my desk (It's never PERFECT, but it's a WHOLE LOT CLEANER). I gave Michael a haircut. Finally got a shower and brushed my teeth and shaved my legs and underarms (It's easy to keep up with my underarms ... but my legs? Those are harder to reach. I'm so glad that I'm this heavily pregnant in the cold months. Makes it easier to wear pants and hide it when I don't keep up with my legs).

We still need to finish up the dishes. And the laundry. But the kids' room is a bit cleaner. And our room needs some more work ... but ... well, if I can keep up some energy every day to clean a little, it should be fine when the kids' birthday party comes around in a couple weeks.

Michael went out to pick up sparkling cider (our one big tradition for New Year's. What do we do at midnight? We sleep! Yup, we're such rebels.) ... and came home with pizza and soda. Good man. I'll definitely keep him. Especially since he gave me a foot rub earlier today.

So ... I suppose that I should have some New Year's resolutions ... Um ...
  • We're going to have Family Home Evening.
    We bought a FHE Assignment board over at Deseret Book (on sale, even!!) and the kids are excited about using it. Now to plan what to do. And which day will really work best for us. ^_^
  • I NEED to establish a habit of Scripture Study. I'll accept any and all hints/tricks that you have.
  • I plan to establish a nap schedule ... but this won't get very finalized until after BabyGirl comes. I wonder if she's going to be like her siblings. 10 AM = naptime ... which is the same time that storytime is ... which made life not so fun. Either they'd have a great nap and miss Storytime OR they'd be crankypants during storytime and take a crap nap ... and I'd miss out on a fun opportunity for adult interaction ... *sigh*
  • I will drop the baby weight. Which shouldn't be too hard (*knocks on wood*), as long as BabyGirl is as good of a nurseling as her siblings were. And I really hope she is. I'm a fan of nursing. Cheap/freeish? No prep really necessary? BRING IT ON! ^_^ (Yes, I AM lazy. And I can nurse in my sleep. ... As long as I have something underneath to catch the drool/leaks that occur. Hey, just keeping it real, y'all.)
  • I will go out more often with BabyGirl than I did with Bruise and Bucket.
    Bruise and Bucket are big enough to be helpful. And I'll only have to have one baby carrier on me. (Also, I'm going to try babywearing. Wish me luck!) So I won't have as many excuses for not getting out and mingling with the world. I can't always be a slightly-agrophobic hermit, right?
  • After this girl is born and I have the okay, I WILL put the spark back in my marriage.
    My husband is kind, patient, and long-suffering. He deserves carnal favors rewards.
    Now, I'll just have to find that energy. 
  • When I'm not cooking dinner ... or making healthy lunches and breakfasts for my family. Because that's important, too.
  • I will get RID of this stupid plague-cough.
  • I will make it on time to church ... which will be harder since we're now meeting two hours earlier. And, in a few more weeks, I'll have THREE (not two) kids to get ready ... along with my lazy buns.
And ... I think that's it. For now, anyways.

Also, before I forget, HAPPY NEW YEAR'S!!! Hope your 2012 is full of wonderful experiences and happy memories!

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