Sunday, November 20, 2011

And here's what else has gone on ...

So, as I've mentioned, I've resigned from my volunteer position at the library.
Which is a bummer. But ... well, if it's too hard for my body right now, I kinda need to listen to that darn body of mine.

And it gives me a little more time/energy to spend on my family and house.

So there's a balance there.

(Now, I just need to FINALLY get in the habit of personal prayer and scripture study. Any hints/tips/tricks? TOTALLY APPRECIATED.)

Let's see ... what else has gone on lately?

  • I got my results back from my blood glucose test. NO GESTATIONAL DIABETES! YAY!!!!
    This has made me feel a LOT better/less stressed.
  • Mom and my stepdad were sealed last weekend in the temple for time and all eternity.
    This is something that Mom's been looking forward to for a LONG time. And, with my stepdad's health being a bit touchy lately (he's not getting any younger, it's true), it's a HUGE RELIEF that this happened.
    (Although, with the terrible rush-hour traffic on the way back, he now has NO. DESIRE. EVER. to go to Portland ever again. Oh well. Good thing their temple district is the Medford temple. ^_^)
  • Rehearsals are going well for SOTW (Savior of the World). I have a costume ... and it fits with some extra room, since we still have just under a month until performances conclude. (December 6-10th, if you're interested! Just let me know!)
  • I got to go swimming with the kids and my mom on Friday. She and C (stepdad) had got a hotel room with a 24-hour pool. Good times. Even though, since I usually DON'T exercise at all, my hips were TOTALLY feeling it later. But it was so nice to be weightless and graceful and speedy. Yeah, someday, when I had a bazillion dollars, I'll have my own indoor pool. And hot tub.
  • We got a new TV and a blu-ray player (with new speakers). And, WOW ... let's just say that now we know what we've been missing. Michael's in love with it, I think. ... And it's very nice.
    We (meaning Michael) were able to dismantle the old entertainment center (which was broken in places anyway) ... and we got a little cubby-type table thing where we fit DVDs (in front of rows of VHS tapes along the back) and a fabric drawer that's filled with old Playstation 1 supplies, my Sega Genesis and supplies (but not the games. I need to find a place for those), and a collection of wires and such. We also brought in a bookcase and loaded it up with DVDs and VHS tapes ... and our blu-ray player, VCR, Wii, phone, and some speakers sit on the top of the cubby-thing. ... So I can be (mostly) organized with a clean-ish living room again.
    AND we were able to get the Wii AND the VCR to display correctly (after we bought the correct component wires for the Wii).
    The kids are enjoying it, too. They're watching Harry Potter (and the Order of the Phoenix) right now.
  • I totally look pregnant now.
  • I've been absolutely exhausted.
  • I thought that I might have broken the washing machine.
    Nope, just had a REALLY unbalanced load that wouldn't spin most of the water out of it. The white load in there (MUCH LIGHTER than a load of mostly jeans, sweaters, and some towels) is practically half-dry already ... just SITTING in the washer. That dark load that preceded it is ALMOST dry in the dryer. Then I can tackle the REST of the laundry lying in the laundry room ... and then, HOPEFULLY, get a start on cleaning our bedroom, the bathrooms, and the kitchen (again).
    Then I need to read a crapload of library books. And figure out Christmas presents. And what to do for the kids' upcoming birthday, and where this baby girl will sleep when she's outside of the womb (right now, it's not an issue).
    And I need to make pie crusts today or tomorrow. And then make the pies/cheesecakes Tuesday ... just to make sure that they're all ready for Thursday. Yay for Thanksgiving!!!
    ... Honestly? I don't like making pie crusts. BUT, well, store-bought crusts are icky in comparison ... and I LOVE my family (this is Michael's side that we'll be with this year. But I'd do it for my side, too!), so they're worth it.
    Just pray that, when I'm rolling out the stupid crusts, that I don't say any bad words. Rolling out crusts? THE WORST PART. Everything else is GRAVY, baby.
I think that's most everything ... Now you're all caught up!

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