Monday, November 21, 2011

Thankful #21

I'm thankful for ...

Well, lots of things are going through my mind right now.

  • I'm thankful that it's not even 11 and I've gotten some laundry done. And most of the dishes are done, too.
    ... Now to put all the folded laundry away. And to fold what hasn't been folded yet. *sigh* :P
  • That we were able to find Bucket's shoes this morning
    (They were SUPPOSED to be put away in her closet.
    ONE was under the dining room table. The other was just outside the kitchen.)
  • That Bruise comes to snuggle with me in the morning. And we get to chat.
  • How cute it is that Bruise and Bucket are AMAZED when I KNOW about something they've just learned about at school.
    (This morning, Bruise was SHOCKED that his mommy actually KNEW about food groups.
    They were learning about those on their class field trip last Friday.)
  • That I get to feel the kicks and flutters of this little in-utero girl (who still needs a blog-name).
  • Deodorant ... I had put on an antiperspirant after my shower ... but, ugh. So I added deodorant.
    Now I can stand to be around myself again.
    (Michael assures me that I don't stink as much as I THINK that I do. ... However, I refuse to take any chances. You should be happy that I'm thinking of you THAT much. ^_^)
  • That Freyja-cat is starting to sleep next to my chest at night, instead of on my legs ... so now I can turn over in the night without waking up as much. ^_^
  • How much Michael loves the new TV and blu-ray player. I'm glad that he made a great purchase. It's good to have a happy husband. ^_^
  • That I haven't thrown up today. Always a plus. And that the nausea is tapering off. Always a good thing.
Okay ... now to get motivated and make pie crust dough. For Thanksgiving. I can do this. ^_^
(But if I can't, I'm thankful that Dad told me that Marie Calendar-brand crusts are good, too.)

Then I need to get more laundry folded and put away, get the kids from the bus, and have them do their homework. Then, some grocery shopping would not be amiss.
And figure our something for dinner. *sigh*

And I should eat something today. Besides my handful of gummi vitamins, that is.

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Jocelyn said...

Hey Allanna, I LOVE getting your comments on my blog. Thanks.
Alas, we were at the wrong mall for Baby Depot, but that's okay. I think I'm much more picky about the all white outfits for boys than I am for girls. Girls can look adorable in just about any white dress you toss on them, but the boy outfit has to be just right for them not to look ridiculous (if you ask me).
As for you and your future babe, I don't know what to tell you. I used the same dress for both my girls, so who knows who it will get passed down to. Maybe by then I can give the dress to one and make one for the other.

And I'm glad you like the elbow patches. I think my little man was rockin' those elbow patches somethin fierce!

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