Thursday, March 06, 2008

Some things that get me irked

Well, my dears, let me tell you a few stories.

(Don't you love how I've called it "telling you stories" instead of being honest and saying "Listen to me whine like a whining whiner, okay? Kthnxbai!")

Well, last week, when I was getting back from a rare out-of-the-house excursion (Yes, I do tend to live like a shut-in. What??), one of our neighbors came up to our driveway to talk to me while I'm trying to (1) unload the kidlets and (2) cart a trunk full of groceries into the house and (3) bring my purse and diaper bag and a bag full of books in the house.

(NOTE: This is the difference between men and women. Men start talking to you without asking, "Is this a good time?" Why is this? DISCUSS.)

AND he goes on to tell me that when we put out the garbage on garbage day, sometime the mail truck hits our recycling bin and then he, our neighbor, IS FORCED TO pick up the stuff that's fallen out of our bin.


And I REALLY, REALLY wanted to say, "I'm sorry that you feel the need to pick up that stuff, but you don't have to. That's really the mail-person's job, if they're driving into the bin. Which is placed where the garbage collectors want it placed. And if you REALLY have such a HUGE problem with this, you really need to talk to them, not us. Kthnxbai! I have to go wrangle my children and groceries and other assorted crap into the house before aforementioned children KILL themselves, okay?"

But I didn't.

AND, so I've mentioned that I've gotten a new calling? Our dear bishop kinda neglected to mention that I have a SUPERBIG project coming up RIGHT AWAY!

AND to add to that, I've gotten some stuff done for the Pinewood Derby. And THEN I find that we've had one member of the Cub Committee released and I didn't know and that said member was going to be doing stuff and now he doesn't really have to (but he's emailed me and said he can still help a little. Thank goodness!!) ... AND I've been asked if I've called someone who's not even in our ward to help ... and you know what?

I really, really just want to respond and be all, "Okay everyone. You know that since I've been called to my new calling, I'm just in this Cubmaster thing as a technicality so that one girl in the committee doesn't freak out. I don't know crap about the derby. Yes, I've been to one. Do I really care about it? Freak, no. That's yet another reason why I'm not going to be your Cubmaster soon. I know that you all think I'm so good at entertaining boys and that I'm feeling fine in this calling. Yeah, all that? Lies!! Ask D how happy I've been in this calling? He's freakin' scared to talk to me nowadays since I've sobbed to him over the phone about this calling so freaking much!!!!
"And, hey, I only was assigned trophies and certificates at the last committee meeting. And to give some decorations to P. So, if you wanted me to do activities A, B, C, D, E, and G, you should have let me know way earlier.
"AND, hello, I set up this gorram forum online so we could have meetings and not have to leave our houses (or clean them) or waste gas or worry about our kids yelling and running around ... why can't we use it? And I made a website that no one uses. Wah, wah, wah. Pity me, PITY ME!!!!
"Oh and did I mention that I'm really busy with my new calling? Yeah. I just might get terribly ill with the tragic desert flu and miss the derby altogether. I'm just sayin'."

Yes, I'm an awful person, being tempted to say all that, huh?
You can be honest.

I'll just drown myself in some housework for now. And then write some emails that are lots more tactful. (Thanks for letting me be totally unedited, though. I appreciate it.) And then I'm going to pack and try and get a shower and get a free-with-any-purchase bag and maybe read a book and try to not let my head explode. Maybe.

But first, for you my dears, I'll post a metric crapload of videos. Because they're wonderful. Well, they're good. ... They're okay, anyways. And because I lurve you all.

But really, I have to get those dishes done. And fold the rest of the laundry. And I'm determined to do it, dang it!!!!

But first, I must read Bruise a book. ^_^


Jennifer Davis said...

Allanna - you're awesome :) We love unedited Allanna!

Allanna said...

I'm glad that you do love me. It makes me feel all fuzzy and special (and not the "short-bus" type of special, if you get my drift. Not that there's anything wrong with that!! :P)

But thank you for putting up with my whining whiner-ness-essence. I appreciate that very much. ^_^

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