Saturday, March 08, 2008


I'm really bushed. But I can't really sleep. So I'll regale you with our family visit so far:

I went shooting with T1, T2, K (T1's beau), Michael, and Uncle D. First time I've shot a pistol.

Magnum P.I. will not be soliciting my skills anytime this millennium.
At 25 yards, I cannot hit the broad side of a barn. Nor, with how things were set up, could I even tell where my shots were hitting. Hard to correct when it appears that you're shooting blanks. Ugh. But, hey, I did it.

(Note to self: Always pack earplugs in purse. They would be very nice. And look a lot cooler than Kleenex wads in your ears. Just sayin'.)

However, T2 and I did have a shoot-out ... with our cameras. I kind of shoot from the hip. The picture of her taking my picture wasn't too blurry. Score!

Bucket does NOT sleep well when we travel. So if we don't go on sleep-over trips often, you know why. She fights sleep, screaming. And then she won't stay asleep. Finally, around 1:30-ish in the morning, I took her to bed with Michael and me.

This is why I'm the walking dead today. Maybe I can blame my pitiful gunner skills on that. Sound good? Okay, so my story is that IF I had a good night's sleep, I would have discovered that I have a latent ability to shoot a pistol. But, since I'm running on less than five full hours of sleep (since I was awaken on many an occasion with a slap/kick/push to the head/face/back), I will never know that I'm really awesome at this. Oh well. The world's just going to be totally missing out.

Overhead earlier this trip: "I had some sausage. And it gave the the runs all morning."

What a non sequitur, no?

Also, while we watched The Abyss last night (a movie that, in my humble opinion, helped to end the cold war just so that more movies like it could be prevented. And it also makes me think, Ah, that James Cameron. Wants to be the next Hitchcock and is never making it. Poor fool.), the scene where they have to revive the one character who drowns? Well, they rip off her shirt, since to use the defibulator you have to have bare skin. ... And well, let's just use the quotes that ensued from our gathering:

"When they said, 'It's flat,' I thought they were talking about HER."
"What this show was missing? Boobs. Totally."

Now, we're not always such a ... um, INTERESTING bunch while watching movies. I tend to get snarky when I get bored with a show (I blame it on the episodes of MST3K that I used to catch on Comedy Central), but my in-laws are very nice and rather sweet about shows.

BUT, this was just a fun time. We were all really tired, so everything just seemed that much funnier. I almost wet myself when K remarked (toward the end), "Oh no. Only one thing can save him now."

And, I, being the woman of grace and decorum that you know me to be, responded,

He was quick-witted and replied, "Well, TWO things."


Well, I'm going to try and see what I can forage to eat and maybe catch a nap while I have the chance.

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Claudia said...

The first time I met my father-in-law it was at my house and my then 14 mos. old son came out of the bedroom with my vibrator. The second time was at the shooting range. He was trying to shock me. Instead I had SO much fun and was actually REALLY good at it, and we ended up bonding over a rifle. Ahhhh - the redneck memories.

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