Thursday, March 06, 2008

Movie Time. Movie Time. Mama LlannaLee's Movie Time!

(um, you think I've been watching too much PBS? ... Since this is sung to the "jingle" for Mama Mirabelle's Movie Time?)

(EDIT: If you want to see the bottom two videos, you're going to have to click on the post tile or permalink. For some reason, even though the videos ARE really there? They just don't show up. But it IS a really video-heavy post. Sorry!!)

SO, I'm feeling a bit better ... Most of the dishes are done. I organized some cabinets (and found the lids for the kiddo's Gerber dishes. Which I have been wondering where those were for, like, FOREVER.) Bruise got his morning diaper change. Read a couple books with the kidlets. My mental health number is approaching normal.

Well, normal-er.

I still need to get organized for the fund raiser for my new calling and the pinewood derby (Gah!!!!!). And I need to email about a gazillion people (thankfully, it'll be on only two emails. If I can help it. Mwha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!1!

BUT, I promised videos. And videos I will deliver! Yes, yes. Yes, yes.

(They're nabbed from Neatorama. Unless I say otherwise. ^_^)

In no particular oder, allow me to present:

"Kunstbar" - Where you should be very careful what you order.
Also, "kunst" = Art for you who didn't take German.
(FWIW, Michael didn't really care for this one. He thought it was well-done. Just wasn't his thing.)

"Echochrome" is a new PSP came that's coming out.
This did get the Michael Seal of Approval.
I had an inkling as I previewed it that it would.

Here are two great clips of the Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain.
If I could play the ukelele and if I were in the British Isles, I SO would want to be in this group.

(Now you're thinking, "So THAT's what he's singing!" At least, that's what Michael and I thought.)

Yes, I <3 this one, too. I like me some contrapuntal music. Yes, I do!

This one had Michael laughing out loud. SO great.
The Japanese people have got some GREAT commercials!

And for an added bonus, this I found on Mormon Mommy Wars, as they were debating which is the best movie version of Pride and Prejudice.

And this one just makes me laugh.

Even though I can't keep the characters straight in this version.
Of course with this version, all that I can think is, "This is a kissing book, isn't it?"

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