Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Out of the frying pan ...

So, Michael and I did our taxes, got them mailed in. We'll be getting some monies. And you know that I like having monies ...

And then I learn that we owe about twice that amount to the hospital for when the kids were born. Because I was on the state health plan, but Michael got a new job and got us on his insurance ... and the state plan didn't like that .... and well, yeah.

I thought we were getting further OUT of debt. Guess we've gone the other way.

But the hospital was very nice about it and we can get on a payment plan ... which will give us a couple years to get it paid off. But still ... It'd be nice if we didn't owe even MORE money. And it would have been nice had the state actually LET US KNOW that they weren't going to pay after all ...

Of course, that's neither here nor there. And I should be counting my blessings: Mainly that I have two healthy babies. Even though they cost more than I expected them to. At least they're cute.

And, talking about kids, guess who used the potty?? Bruise did! So he got to choose a sticker. And Bucket tried. And REALLY wanted a sticker and was being good about going to take a nap ... so I gave her a small sticker, too.

Even though they colored on the couch earlier. But thanks be for Method cleanser. It got it out.

Now I have to go in their room and tell them to get back in bed. It's nap time and Mommy's tired and has laundry to fold. And after naptime, we're going to the DMV. And the library. And I'll finish the dishes. And cleaning off the countertops (which look better already, w00t for me). And I'll clean off my desk and vacuum the bedrooms. And clean out our tub and shower. And then the house will be pretty clean. Yay.

And THEN, maybe I'll finally finish the kiddos' baby books. Since, you know, they're over two now. *sigh* And then I'll finish all my library books and win the Powerball and be out of debt and travel back in time and be voted prom queen and I'll have a pony and a pet giraffe and a platypus and no debt and be insanely happy.
And then I'll be hit by a bus. And since I'll have forgotten the slight details of life insurance and a will and all, the children will fall prey to the cracks in the foster care system and my estate will be taxed for more than its worth and if I weren't tragically dead, I'd be on my way to the poor house -- more pitiful than the most pitiful of characters in Dickens' novels. And more verbose.

Oh well. How about to distract yourselves from such a piteous tale that would make Lemony Snickett look like an optimist, you can watch this cute owl from some Japanese show. It makes me smile.

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