Thursday, March 06, 2008

Some OTHER fun things

First, a quote from my daughter.

I had put in Cars, which is ONLY their favorite movie (along with Sesame Street and Ratatouille) and was (for a lack of a better term) dancing/spasming to the music as I call out to Bucket and Bruise, "C'mon guys! Are you gonna dance??"

Bucket: No, Mommy. No dance.

And the expression on her face. A skeptical, "You call THAT dancing? Hardly!" look on her face.

I've just been schooled.


Some fun links:

Here's a Flickr pool featured on Whedonesque (Joss Whedon site -- and a nice play on words, if I do say so myself. and I do.): Nathan Fillion helps a fan propose.

I mean, really?? How cute is that?!?
Correct answer: So frickin' CUTE!

I had some of those little happy tears happening. AND Nathan Fillion's face as he shows off the ring? !!! I really, really like that man!

And this, found through Neil Gaiman's blog:

Banner of Barack Obama vs. Hilary Clinton ... and if you're read Gaiman's Sandman series, the dialogue should ring a bell.

I stopped liking Ms. Clinton back when her husband was in the White House. (Sorry Jenny!) Do I think it's great that a woman has run for president? Yes! Not like it hasn't been done before ... but it's a good thing. Do I want her to win? Heck, no. I don't trust her as far as I can throw her. Even though I've got some impressive muscles built up from hefting the munchkin brigade.
I just don't trust her. Being first lady for eight years doesn't make you trained as a president. Just like since I've been married for nearly seven years to an engineer doesn't mean that I'm about to receive my license. But that might just be me. That and Barack just seems so much more ... honest? Down-to-earth? Worthwhile? Heck if it were his wife running for presidency, I'd be willing to vote for her. (and Jenny, if you ran, you'd get my vote. Even thought I'm registered as a Republican. Because you're that good.)

But, yeah. I wanted to make sure that I got those fun things blogged before I forgot.


Jennifer Davis said...

Allanna - you make me smile :)

I like Obama too - I think he would be great and very happy if he wins :) (I have met Hillary before though, so that my be why I like her and why I know she is qualified) My biggest complaint about him is that he smokes :P He said that he is trying to stop (chewing the nicorette gum). He said his wife made him stop if he was going to run... Which makes me like her :)

Hmmm.. If you'd vote for me maybe I should run?? President Davis 2020? I like the sound of that... Maybe I should try to keep my own house clean first though :)

Fold My Laundry Please said...

I awarded you the "You Make My Day Award"! Stop by to accept it!

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