Thursday, March 13, 2008

Something cool

If you need to see some awesome talent, have I got the stuff for you!

One guy, I don't know. He's an artist. Here's his page.
Yes, it's all paper and glue and creativity and hard work.

And the other?

Yeah, I know him in real life. Not totally well, since I'm all older and he's a young'un missionary. But he's a good guy.

And even though I'm so in jealous envy over how talented the Zebster is, at least I know that I can make him laugh. So I've got that going for me.

When we fed the elders last night, Elder Z said that he graduated from Bethlehem. And his companion joked, "In the Middle East?"
Z made a quip about growing up in Nazareth.

"Can anything good come out of Nazareth?" I responded.

They, being all scriptural and all, caught the joke. And I rested on my laurels.
Yup, I got to be all clever. Score for me!

I should note that the first link I posted, the one to Peter Callesen's site? I found that through one of my friend's blogs. Seriously, her blogger name is Vanilla Joy. Dang! How do these people come up with such awesome names??

Not that I'm saying mine's not okay. In fact, I've gotten compliments. All of which make me preen like a peacock named Narcissus. If Narcissus had been turned into a peacock and not into a flower.
(Greek Mythology Nerd Joke alert!)(And it wasn't all that funny. But nerd jokes don't always have to be. Right? ... Right??)

So, if you read my blog earlier today, you were subjected to me venting and being all around wallowing in self-pity and a bit of self-righteousness.

I took it down after talking it out (the situation, which is neither here nor there) with Michael, my mom, and a friend. Y'all don't need to be subjected to me at ... well, it's not my WORST, but it wasn't too far off. And I like you far too much to take my chances.

So, if you did read it (and since there are no comments, I sure hope that means that no one did), just pat me on the head and tell me that you like me even when I'm all PMS-y and crazy like I have bees in my head. Angry bees. Angry bees that are telling me that maybe I'm not smart enough, not good enough, and that not everyone likes or can even tolerate me.

Because you know what? I AM smart enough. I AM good enough. And, doggone it! People like me!!

No matter what the angry bees say.
Because the angry bees are not Jesus.
Because Jesus is nice and He likes me. Even when I'm all cantankerous and cranky and not at all fun to be around. Because He is nice.

Which is yet another reason that Jesus rocks.
And I'm not being sacreligious (or according to Wikipedia, that'd really be blasphemous, since it's verbal and not an action ... but since I'm TYPING it, maybe it might be both. But I don't mean it to be!).
I'm trying to be all serious. Because it's totally true.

SO, after being all upset and sad and crazy-with-angry-bees-in-my-head, I took a bath and read a book that, even though it's non-fiction, it's a fluffy-enough-type book that I feel like a regular person again.

But I can't sleep yet.

And I'm going to be so, so, SO glad not to be cubmaster. Like, it's not even funny how glad I'll be to shed that mantle, let me tell you!

And I got a very nice call from a gal at church. She read my blog! She likes it! Whee! That made me feel all flattered. (I knew I liked her anyways. But now she's got me eating from the palm of her hand. That is, if she wants me to do that ... though I'm insane enough that I'd worry that I might drool on her or something. Not that I'd WANT to ... but you know how gravity is and ... Okay, shutting up now.)

BUT, while I was all crazy with the angry bees in my head, Bucket woke up early from her nap, needing me to change her diaper. So I did. And I had her give me lots of kisses and hugs while I sobbed about what a complete and total failure/jerk/loser I am.

Okay, I didn't sob. I just had tears running down my face and I tried to choke back the sobs.

Bucket took it all in stride. "Mommy," she told me, "No be sad."
Smart one, that girl of mine. Oh, I hope she doesn't inherit my self-consciousness and self-doubt. Let her take after her dad on that one. And Bruise, too. Let them be confident enough to let those can let criticism roll off their backs. Let them be brave in the face of disapproval ... especially when it's the disapproval of those who really don't matter so much. Since you can't please everyone all the time. And it's exhausting to try.

(I take after my mom. We're closet perfectionists. Well, I'm the lazy perfectionist. She works harder. Like the Avis rent-a-car company. :P)

Gosh, when it's late I start to get all philosophical. Weird.
I think that means it's time for me to shut up. Since I don't know all that much about philosophy. I only took the one term in college. And it was just about ethics.

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