Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Tagged (in the heart and you're to blame ... you give memes a bad name ...)

SO, I was tagged by Heather:

5 things on my to do list:
1. Do dishes
2. Fold/Finish putting away laundry
3. Finish plans for the Pinewood Derby
4. Read "The Sweet Far Thing" ... well, finish it, anyways.
5. Head explode.

10 things I enjoy:
1. Sleeping (You never realize how much you love it 'til you have kids)
2. Reading
3. Spending time with Michael (Maybe that should go at the top of the list. Oh, heck. It's not like it's in ORDER, now is it?)
4. Spending time with the kidlets
5. Chatting with friends
6. Shopping
7. Playing with my camera
8. Having a clean house (Again, you don't know how much you miss it 'til it's gone, baby)
9. Blogging
10. Making people laugh

If I were suddenly a billionaire...
Pay off all our debt, build our dream house, invest for the kidlets' college and mission(s) and weddings and their downpayments, buy a gazillion books, take some vacations, go on some dates, never worry about affording childcare for when I want to volunteer or go to the temple or stuff, take care of our families, donate (Humanitarian Aid, Kiva loans, etc.) ... and then go shopping. Yeah. That sounds like fun.

5 jobs i have had:
1. Courtesy Clerk (aka box-"boy" at a grocery-type store)
2. Part-time Clean-up at a plywood mill
3. Babysitting
4. Substitute Shelver at a library (bestest job EVAR!!)
5. Wife and Mother (Okay, maybe the shelver one is the second bestest one)

5 things most people don't know about me:
1. My folks are divorced. (I thought I've always been really open about that! Some people lately seem surprised. *shrug*)
2. I'm an only child.
3. I haven't read David Eddings books. I know that I need to, though. And I plan on changing this fact.
4. My dad's blind. Hasn't always been. I don't really ever think about it. For me it's normal.
5. I've dyed my hair black. And really liked it.

I Tag:
Whoever wants to do it. Just comment when you've done it and I'll check it out. Deal??


Okay, universe ... Ha ha!! Very funny!
I check Lacy's blog and I'm tagged there, too!!

Here it is!

What were you doing 10 years ago?
I was in high school. Pining for a (guy) friend, keeping my grades up, and working at Shop Smart.

What were you doing a year ago?
Playing with two darling one-year olds.

5 snacks you enjoy?
Nacho Cheese Doritos, Chocolate (the darker the better), Cheesecake, Ice cream, Tortilla chips and salsa (medium).

5 things I would do if I was a millionaire
(after tithing and taxes)
1. Pay off debt
2. Buy a better house (not that ours isn't nice ... it's just not big enough. [No offense, house. I still wuvs you.] -- But what is my house doing reading my blog? Oh, I must be tired.)
3. Travel
4. Plan some great family vacations
5. Get Michael that tablet PC he's been wanting since, oh, FOREVER.

5 bad habits
1. Letting dishes and laundry pile up
2. Not spending enough time actively enjoying my children
3. Falling prey to the siren song of the Interweb
4. Freaking the hell out over little things
5. Whining!!! (Where do the kiddos learn it from?? Oh, that'd be me, huh?)

5 things you like to do
1. Spend time with Michael
2. Spend time with the kidlets
3. Read
4. Chat wtih my friends (Oh, the glory of adult conversation!)
5. Watch movies

5 things you will never wear again
1. A bikini
2. Strappy tank tops
3. Mini skirts
4. Banana clips
5. Pants that give me a frontal wedgie (Ouch!!)

5 favorite toys
1. My computer
2. Books
3. Our Playstation 2
4. My camera
5. My Nintendo DS

5 people i tag
Like I said before, if you want to do it, knock yourself out and leave me a comment (or email me) and I'll check it out. But no pressure y'all. I'm not about to lay any responsibility on you. ^_^

So, you learn anything new?

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