Monday, March 10, 2008

D'ya feel lucky, punk?? Well, do ya??

I was touched that Melissa nominated me for an award.

My first!

Pulitzer, here I come! (Well, maybe once they start a category for "Extremely self-depreciative humored blog of randomness and blathering about one's adorable set of twins." And I somehow don't think that's going to be a category anytime in the immediate future.)

Still! Look!!
And the write up she gave me? I'm so flattered!!!
Allanna of Blather, Rinse, Repeat: Family friendly and very, very busy! She spends all of her free time chasing after two adorable toddler twins. It exhausts me just to read about it. Go Nerdfighters!!

Isn't it pretty?? Look at the award. Covet it, my darlings!! Ah HA!!! You have sinned!! See what a bad influence I am on you!! I've tried to warn you again and again ...

Okay, I'm really sorry. I've got the plague. And so I'm all stuffed up and my ears are half-plugged and I'm coughing in my elbow and I just feel rather puny. So I'm trying to cover up all the whining I COULD be doing with really-odd-and-not-all-that-funny humor. Wow, THIS must be why I didn't go into acting. Because if I accepted my Academy Award with a speech like that? Let's just not contemplate what a persona non grata I'd be!!

BUT, to get down to brass tacks (if I really had any), I need to nominate five bloggers for this award. (If I don't give it to you, don't be thinking that I don't love and adore you. Because I SO DO love and adore you!! I just don't have unlimited ones (in theory ... I mean, I KNOW it's a little jpeg image. And, oh, now there's whining here and I can't think! And it sounds like I gave Bucket my cold. Which is only fair since it's HER not sleeping while we traveled that gave me mine ... but that's neither here nor there and my fingers are getting tired ... *sigh*):

SO, in no particular order:

I tag-back Melissa of Fold My Laundry Please. Because she's nifty and a Nerdfighter and she makes me laugh. And I'm going to actually get off my duff and MEET her sometime. F' reals.

Kari, whose blog is going private, so you might not be able to access her humor, family updates, and shoes. Kari and I have been friends since we carpooled together in college. She's my Aries twinsie and thinks I'm funny. Whereas I'm in awe of her composure and fashion sense.

My Cynthia (pronounced "SIN-tee-ah") who blogs as belgiangirl. Since she's a girl and from Belgium. ^_^ We met when she came to my high school as a foreign exchange student staying with a family we're friends with. We have a bond over Buffy and Supernatural and romance novels. We never see each other often enough, but her blog is such a good way to get a fix of her and what's going on in her life. And I'm a little jealous that she gets to WORK as a LIBRARIAN!! Woot for her!!

Dianne, who's the newest of my IRL friends. But seriously, y'all, she's a genius at crafts. And her blog is wonderful, just like talking to her. You can catch her (for now, since she's thinking of changing her blog's address) at The Other Side.

And last, but certainly not least, is my artist friend (and I'm serious. She's a painter and I love, love, LOVE her floral studies) Cristall. Seriously, if you are looking for some art, go to her blog and see what she's got. She does do comissions. She's open to feedback, as well. But you'd better not hurt her feelings. Because I know a guy ... (Okay, I really don't, but STILL. She's my Cristall and I love her and we quote movies back and forth in our emails ALL THE TIME and I'm still sad that she moved away. But she has a dog and chickens and is very happy. So I guess I'll have to put up with missing her -- and just about everyone ELSE on this list. Except Dianne, because she lives CLOSE. YAY!)

WOW, that was a LONG parenthetical phrase.

SO, if I tagged you, you have the option of passing on the bloggy love to five of the blogs that make your day. If I didn't tag you, well, I won't tell if you want to pass it on. If you need a blurb of why I love your blog, too, I'll be glad to help. Since I do read more than these five blogs (Like almost ten times that, total. But not all of them are personal-type blogs).

Okay, now I'm closing up so I can go hack up my lungs and blow out my sinuses in a cool dark corner while my munchkins watch Sesame Street and remark about the recycling truck or something.

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