Monday, March 17, 2008

In which I prove how illogical I can be

SO, this morning, before the (early, early) alarm went off, Michael and I were awoken by what sounded like the cats wrestling in the bathtub.

I sleepily, murmured in their general directions for them to quit it.

The noise stopped. The alarms went off. Michael got up to take a shower while I snuggled deeper into the blankets and spread my body wider across the bed, soaking up all his leftover body-heat.

And the noise starts again. The cats are on the bed with me.

He throws on a robe and goes to check it out. If sounds like it's coming from under the house. But nothing's open for anything to get in.

As he's out there, I do say a quick prayer that he'll be okay. I love my husband.

And I also hope that it's not a dragon.

... YES, that is what my brain feared it would be.
Did I mention that it's five in the morning? And that I only fell asleep after 11 last night?

And we already know that I'm not the most level-headed being.

And really ... if you were a dragon ... Well, honestly, who would expect to find a dragon under a manufactured home in Oregon?

No one, that's who. Therefore, it's a PERFECT hiding place.

And this is my thought process at five in the morning.

We still don't know what it was, making all the racket. But it's stopped.

And I'm glad.
Because I'm not looking under the house.

It could be a skunk. Or a badger. Or it could be a dragon.
You never know.


Fold My Laundry Please said...

Dragons are cold blooded creatures. Perhaps it was just trying to keep warm under there!

Allanna said...

Just cozying up to the hot water pipes, maybe? ^_^

Really, though. Such an odd assortment of sounds. A huge wheezing and clunkings. So strange.

Dragonfly said...

Dragons like ketchup. So I'm told. Ask my daughter, she'll confirm it. Did you snack on anything ketchup related before you went to bed? 'Cause if you did, it's your fault. ;)

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