Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bruise ...

Who broke the Lithia water fountain? ... Okay, it was me!

Bruise has started to talk more.

And he makes me laugh quite a lot. When he's not blatantly disobeying orders. And then smiling just so ... so it's hard to be infuriated that he's subverting that mom-authority that I try to cling to.

One thing that melts my heart and makes me laugh each time is when we play this silly little game where we all (Bucket, Bruise and I) point at each other and say "YOU!!!!" The kidlets got really good at pointing and saying "you!", so I upped it a notch. When they'd point and declare, I'd put my hand to my chest and ask innocently, "Me???"

Now they both do that back. And when Bruise does it, he squeaks it! It's so daintily and innocently done that I burst into giggles each time.

He also loves to point out things he recognizes when we're in the car.

"Frruck!" (Truck!)
"Kahhr!" (Car)
"tWAIHN!! Choo-choo!!" (Trains ... or train tracks. Or semi-trucks.)
"Mac!!" (Semi-trucks. Can we guess who watches a lot of Pixar shows? *shifty eyes*)

It's really cute when he tries to say Lightning McQueen. It comes out more like "Liiih Keen!"

At night, when we're tucking the kids in bad and after we say the prayers, Bruise will demand "kiss!" *puckers and makes that pucker noise until he's gotten his kisses* and "Haahg!" *holds his arm or arms out until Michael and I make sure to give him his hugs.

And, as we're about to go out the door and turn off the light, he'll usually demand seconds.

He's affectionate. When he was sitting next to/on me on the couch the other day as Mom and I watched "Enchanted" (which you should totally watch. I heartily recommend it. Very cute.), almost ever time that Bruise turned toward me, he'd give me a kiss.

Yeah, he's mine. You'll have to go get your own little boy.

and maybe yours won't open the fridge for you. Or turn on the light in his room (involving climbing up the changing table to turn the switch, climbing back down to flip the switch on the cord, AND plugging in the stupid light. He's too clever). Or be absolutely enthralled with doors. He's locked me out once. Good thing that my mom was here to let me back in. That'll be the last time I leave the house without my keys in my hand! Even if I was just unloading the car and getting the mail. Or even if he opens a taped-shut drawer and tosses out all the stuff in the drawer. AGAIN. And that drives me insane!

He's my little punk. I think I'll keep him.

Especially since he's so funny.
We change a diaper ... and he'll say "EEEEEeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwww!!!!!GUCK!!!!!!!"
(Which, come to think of it, is quite an apt description. Oy.)

Or, as I try and coach him to say "Thank you,"

Me: *holding cracker* Okay, say thank you. "Thank you. Thank you!"
Him: Gehguhm! ("You're Welcome!")

And I haven't even described his laugh. He's a riot most times.

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