Thursday, March 20, 2008

Busy, busy

I had such plans for today. And I doubt that I'll get them all done.

Like I didn't take the kiddos to storytime today. Bucket is being all whiney and clingy ... and I didn't feel like telling Bruise to take his hands out of his pants anymore (like I did yesterday. Thank goodness the gal sitting next to me knows us from church. ^_^)
And, did I mention that I went to the DMV yesterday? Michael's still driving legally (as in he's got his new stickers. On the last day. We're that good. Oh, yeah.)
And I washed the bedding (except for the coverlets that I aired out) and we made the bed and folded a (figurative, but close) ton of laundry. Oh, and I also put some of the kids' toys in the shop. Ones that they don't really need.

But this morning, I did organize and clean up the three piles of magazines and random crap on my side of the bed into one (much neater) pile.
I put away the HUGE pile of to-be-hung-up-but-I'm-too-lazy-to-do-it pile of clothes. And I STILL can't find the stupid remote to the VCR in our bedroom. *sigh*
Then I got dressed.
I finally got the kids some eggs for breakfast, did a load of dishes, unpacked the dozens of library books (and put THEM into piles) that I now need to read ...

What I still need to do:
Pay bills (well, make Michael pay them. ^_^)
Vacuum (especially our room, but the whole house needs it)
Stop yelling at my children (which is why they're already in for naptime)
Sweep and mop
Check the mail
Take a shower
Wash one more load of dishes and a load of laundry
Read. Since most of the books I have now are Juvenile fiction, I should be able to read a couple per day. I'd hope. ^_^ But first, I want to read one book I've been waiting to read for a couple years (since it takes so long to get a book from being written to being published and in my library), Yes! I have Joshilyn Jackson's TOGWSS! Yay!!!!

and I also should pack for Michael and me for Friday night, since we're going camping and to visit a friend ... and will I be able to handle not having the kids for a whole day?
(You remember what happened our last anniversary? If not, here's a quick recap. Michael and I were going to the Oregon Caves, leaving the munchkin brigade with my Dad and L. Before we were even a hour away, the passenger window blew out on me, covering me in glass. We still have NO flippin' clue WHY this happened, but it did. And we did NOT go to the Oregon Caves. We found a place to buy plastic, taped up the window's absence as best we could, drove back up and picked up the kids and went home. SUCK!!! Yeah, not the best way to have an anniversary, "let's-go-somewhere-without-the-kids-for-more-than-eight-hours" trip go, huh?) (Not that I'm at ALL bitter about that. *sigh* Okay, I SO am. Because it sucked. And I still get nervous when we drive that far south. Even though we have a different van now.)

But, yeah. Keep happy car and trip thoughts in the backs of your minds for us, okay?? And send me some good housekeeping karma while you're at it. I do have to say that the house is looking lots better already. But it's not going to clean itself, now is it? So I should shut up and start cleaning.

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Cory, Heather, & Alyssa said...

That is what I am working on cleaning the apartment.
So I actually did get the names sam and dean from supernatural.
Cause I thought well if I am watching a movie or something than I will write down the boy names. I really like the name sam or dean. it's so hard to pick a name for a kid.

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