Monday, March 03, 2008

Why can I NOT get this out of my head??

Seriously, y'all. I found myself unable to fall asleep quickly last night as this kept playing in my skull:

But I loves it so. With a love that is illogical and unexplainable.

Must be because it makes me laugh.

Also funny: This morning when I told my mom about Bruise's "tragic webcamming accident" Friday, and how we took him to church, she cuts in with "You took him to CHURCH?!?" She was all concerned that people might get the idea that I'm beating on my dear boy. Nope. I told her about another boy at church who was sporting some road rash on his face-ular regions due to his efforts to save his lolly when he took a spill. However, I was glad that Bruise's swelling had gone down considerably. He was looking like Quasimodo there for a bit Saturday morning.

Oh, and for more examples of how I end up being entertainment for the ward:
I received a new calling (so technically I have two right now. For a couple weeks, anyway, since my calling as Cubmaster will be obsolete, since we've rearranged the leadership of the troops. --We'll have another ward combined with ours. Two troops, still. But we are combining the leadership. And you only need one cubmaster. And it's not going to be me!).
Sunday morning, as they're announcing the changes, you're supposed to stand up as they read out your name ... so people know who you are and all.

WELL, as Bishop is reading my name, I was holding Bruise. AND, moments before my name was read out, Bucket DEMANDS that I hold her, too.

So, what do I do? I stand up, both kids held against my left hip ... so I can raise my right hand in affirmation to my calling and the calling of another gal in the ward.

Giggles ensue. Enough that our Bishop had to look up and see what was causing the disturbance.

Yeah, that'd be me. The one pretty much LITERALLY juggling twin toddlers.


And Michael and I joke about how I should tell J. Golden Kimball stories from the pulpit (I did start my last talk with a quote of his. It wasn't one of the fun colorful ones, though. Oh well.) OR how I should quote from Nacho Libre in a testimony meeting.

That quote being, of course:
"They think I don't know a buttload of crap about the gospel. But I do."

That quote warms my heart. SO much.

... I really, REALLY want to use it someday.

Too bad it'd probably send some of the sisters into apoplexies.


Claudia said...

I lurve that cat video, LOL~and can relate to the no sleep thing. I had to get up, finally at 5 a.m. and just surrender to the fact that I wasn't going to get any sleep today. :(

Cristall Harper said...

I am laughing. out. loud. I say you go for the Nacho Libre quote in TM, but wait until you're visiting a family's ward, then you can leave in peace, but your relative will be infamous. Not famous, but INfamous. "It's when you're more than famous." "Wow, the infamous? INfamous?" ---what movie!!!???

Allanna said...

I don't know what movie, Cristall! I tried to do a websearch ... and I've got nothin'!

"I must know."
(That one should be ridiculously easy.)

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