Monday, March 17, 2008

More fun videos

I'm always impressed by Improv Everwhere. And this new one makes me giggle. SO hard.

If you need a reason to be impressed, here's a awesome clip of Swan Lake done by acrobats and contortionists. (Yet another reason to sing the praises of Neatorama. They get some amazing stuff!)

And a commerical that never made it. A little too "controversial."

But I'm still loving the concept. Get everyone involved. And oh, it warms my heart to see everyone playing together. Even if we're involved in a game like this. But still!

It makes me think of something that my high school group of friends would have loved to do. Heck, I'd still get a kick out of it nowadays!

But, yeah. Those are the videos I've been sitting on for a couple days. If you read Neatorama, you've probably seen them all before. Oh well. ^_^ I still like them very much.

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