Friday, March 14, 2008

Something to make me smile ... Signals Catalog

I'm addicted to catalogs.

Signals is a particular favorite.

I mean, they've got cute plaques and creative little things. And then the garden posts that I NEED. I mean, check it!

If you can't see them, seriously, you're missing out. Here's the product description:
No green thumb? Then these are for you. Three plaques bemoan ("I tried, but it died"), exhort ("Grow, dammit!"), and ponder ("I don't remember planting this"). Each 3½" x 4" plaque comes with a 14½" rustproof hanger. Three stakes speak garden Latin: remorseful ("Plantum Whydidibuyum"), pensive ("Plantus Unknownus"), and poignant ("Bloomis Notimus"). Each is about 3" x 7½". All plaques and stakes are handcrafted stoneware, weatherproof and wry. Made in Canada.

But they also carry books and prints and even jewelry from Edward Gorey (who I really do adore. Yes, I'm a bit of a Goth inside. As much as I usually come off as the bouncy-puppy sunshine princess). And clever mugs and things. This catalog makes me happy. And makes me wish that I had a much larger income so that I could buy so much of their stuff. I go through and think, "Oh, Mom would get a kick out of that! I's like to give that to So-and-so. ... Ooooh, that would be beautiful abover the bookshelves," etc., etc., and so forth.

For me, there's just something beautiful and precious in browsing and wishing when perusing through a catalog. (One of my dearest friends doesn't quite get it -- "Don't you get DEPRESSED that you can't afford it?" Oh, no! I rejoice that it exists! Or, in the case of overpriced things ... like the $575 pair of butt-ugly shoes in an online catalog that shall not be named [partly because I cannot recall its name anyways!], I openly mock them. If the price is outrageous? You've just opened the doors of snark.)(Thankfully, with Signals? Their expensive stuff is usually stuff that I like or can respect.)


A pair of these shoes

By Prada would put me back $790.
Would I ever wear them? No! Because just looking at them makes me break into hysterical giggling. And that was WITHOUT looking at the price!
I mean, when I saw the price (and no offense if you think they're the cutest shoes EVAR. I'm just saying that SOMEONE out there must think they're pretty and worth more than what I paid for my digital SLR camera, including bag), I could have wet my pants laughing.


These lithographs

(And here's the link, since I'm having trouble getting the image posted. Sorry!!)

A set of four, signed by the actors, from The Nightmare Before Christmas = $750

Which would I go for? Truly, probably neither. I'd buy, like three-and-a-half Edward Gorey lithographs, because I pink puffy HEART them. But if pressed, I'd totally buy the lithographs. Because it's a good movie, they're pretty, and I'd be getting my money's worth. I could totally sell them on eBay if I needed to and make a profit. Or I could save them for my grandkids (who would wonder at what an odd little duck their Grandma must be).

But, yeah, I can browse at Neiman Marcus and places like that and not feel like I'm really missing out. I'm special like that. Because I'd much rather use that money to pay for my kids' college education or provide some Kiva loans or get a membership (or five) to the zoo or the aquarium or the science museum or something.

But I really should invest in those Edward Gorey books. They'd make me happy. And quiet those evil angry bees in my head.

Bonus reading: Uncommon Goods catalog or the Museum of Modern Art Online Store.


Dragonfly said...

Signals ROCKS - I've got their stuff all over my yard. ;) The Pyramid Collection is another good one!!

Allanna said...

Ha! You're right! I enjoy leafing through that one, too!

I could do so much shopping. ^_^ Thank the heavens for good catalogs like these!

Cynthia said...

I do exactly the same thing with catalogs here, I even put a cross next to the items I want to buy (you never know, I light win the lottery!).
As for the shoes, I totally agree with you! Even though I'm a huge shoe fanatic, I wouldn't wear them, even if I got them for free ^_^

Fold My Laundry Please said...

I like Signals, but my personal fave is The Paragon. It just so happens that the dresses they carry fit me perfectly, so that's where I turn when I need a new church dress.

Allanna said...

Oooh! A new catalog! Thanks Melissa!
(I'd check them out right now, if their site wasn't down. Boo!)

And Cynthia, YES! It's totally like who in their right mind could create a show so ... well, the only word I can really think to describe them accurately would be "fugly." As terrible as the word is, it still can't contain the abomination I find those shoes to be. :S And for that price? Oy?

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