Monday, September 01, 2008

Happy Holiday!

I love national holidays. I get Michael all day. ... Of course, then I end up spoiled and not knowing how to deal with my children the rest of the week. *sigh*

But today was a good day. I was able to get up, shower, do my hair (since I knew that Michael'd be manning the camera today) and make-up ... and we got the kidlets ready and in the van by eight so we could get to the Aquarium early.

We were sure that since it's Labor day that the aquarium would be PACKED. In reality? Not so much. We were early enough getting there (after making a run to McDonald's for breakfast, since I was feeling a little sick from forgetting to eat. Again.) that we got prime parking. And the place wasn't very crowded at all.

After the aquarium, we went downtown and bought 1.45 pounds of delicious salt-water taffy. Yum. And then we headed to Taco Bell and then to the beach for a little picnic. Then we headed home. Just a little quiet-ish day. And it was perfect. We were worried that it'd be a little cold or cloudy ... It was a little crisp and cool, but it was gorgeous. Barely a cloud in the sky and all that.

And here's a fun quotable -- Bucket and I were in place before the otters' feeding (the kidlets had no patience to stay and watch them being fed, so we had the sea lions and seals and the octopus exhibits just about all to ourselves):

Me: *points* Oh, look, [Bucket]! He's cleaning his tail. He's washing all that fur before he eats. ... [Bucket], do YOU wash your tail in the bathtub?
Bucket: No. No, Mommy. I no wash tail. I wash my BUTT!

--- The couple we were standing next to started to snicker amongst themselves.
--- So did I.

And we learned that the kidlets LOVE Taco Bell Cinnamon Twists.
And Bruise didn't TOUCH his burrito. But he's chomping down on some chicken nuggets right now for dinner (NOT fast-food ones).

And I was able to finish a book, which just sweetens the pot. Now to finish the rest, fold and put away laundry, finish the dishes, and clean our bedroom. THEN (oh! And dust!!), I'll be ready for all the family that will be here Wednesday. And then I'll be working on T1's wedding flowers and Dianne and I will be shooting her wedding.

Heaven help me. ^_^

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