Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I know that y'all are going to be absolutely heart-broken by the fact that I'll be deserting you for a few days (most likely is that I will not have the time to blog. It's not you, it's a wedding).

Please know that I love you.

And this is why I'm going to post some wonderful links for you.

HERE is a fun pipetting boy-band-style commercial. Totally makes me laugh.
And another fun science goods video:

A good introduction to the interwebs? Right here - Baby's First Internet via The Morning News.

A fun site I ran across FALINDROME -- They look like palindromes. At first. But they're NOT. I still like them.

A fun (for me) game: Guess-the-Google. All these images would be brought up in a Google Images search. You get to guess the keyword.

YouTube in 1985:

And two of my favorite cards (out of MANY!!) from Line Upon Line:

To newlyweds

Home/Visiting Teaching (it's satirical)

(Now these cards are very Mormon-humor. I think they're HILARIOUS. Some might find them offensive. Some might find them entirely baffling. But, yeah, I'm ready (if I had a bazillion dollars) to order a plethora of these cards.)

But, yeah. If you miss me terribly ... Um ... go through the archives, I guess. Or watch Dr. Horrible. Or episodes of Firefly. Or House. Or Lars and the Real Girl. Or The Last Unicorn.

Or just visit the local mental institution. It'd be like I'm right THERE next to you.

Now, to sit and appreciate my clean house and await the arrival of family.

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Kate the Great said...

I so loved the sci vids..... and think I spent about a half an hour trolling the LDS card site. I am totally buying some of those. My favourite thing though was her little blinky on the side that was about 'strengthening and nurshing our bodies.' If you didn't see it go back and look. Too cute, and so true.

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