Thursday, September 18, 2008

Just some randoms bits of my life ...

This morning, between Bruise and me:

Me: No more oranges (Seriously, folks, he's eaten like FOUR clemetine/tangerines/whatever you call them this MORNING. I'm not wanting to witness his diaper anytime soon, if you know what I mean. And I think you do). How about some pretzels?
Bruise: NnnnnnnnnnnnnnnYES!! (He had to think about it, you see.)

Yesterday, my amazing Mr. Husband:
Michael: Meet me in the bathroom. ... (I get there with him) ... I think you need a make-out session.
(It was excellent. And, yes, he does know just what I need. That's yet anothe reason I LOVE this man. Because he seriously rocks my world. Fo' realz. And I don't say that ironically.)

Two days ago, being released from naptime:
Bucket: Where D___ be?!?
(Because one of my friends dropped by right before I put the kidlets down for a nap. A friend who watched the munchkin brigade at her house while we went to the temple a while ago. As you can see, she made a HUGE impression. They have big aquariums and big kids at their house ... and Bruise and Bucket TOTALLY were impressed. ... And Bucket was obviously put-out that I didn't keep D around to play with Miss Bucket.)

There are other little snippets of life that I forget to blog (and can't remember WHEN they happened), so here they are. Better late than never!

Bucket: (As I put on deoderant after a shower) STINKY MOMMY!!
Me: (defensively and plaintively) I'm NOT stinky! I'm clean! I smell pretty!!

Bruise: (as I try and take care of his "rocket thumb" and scrape from the treadmill): No. No touch it!

Me: Bucket, does Bruise love me? Does he love Mommy?
Bucket: Bruisey love Daddy.

(Gee, thanks.)

And I love when they pray. It's such a blast to listen to them list what they're thankful for. Bucket will list off family (e.g., "Mommy, Daddy, Bruisey, Bucket, Grandma, Mutti, Julie, Poppi, Grandna [Grandpa], Cousin B, Cousin I, T1, T2, Uncle J, Aunt A, Cousin C, ... Uncle C ("No, he scary."), etc.) We're getting her to add in T1's husband. And she's adding in Uncle C of her own accord ... He should be so thrilled!
Bruise usually had to be prompted. Lately, though, he's getting lots better. (He does seem to do a reboot during prayer when he loses track of where he's at. So, he starts over. We're working on that. I'm impressed that he's doing so much unprompted, though!) Last night, I did the prompt and he'd repeat what I'd say ... and then totally plowed through it on his own:

Me: "We're thankful for ..."
Bruise: ...
Bruise: We
Bruise: are
Bruise: Fanfuulllll
Me: for
Bruise: for ... wobots (robots), twucks, cahrs, owanges, gaahm caaker (graham cracker), ...

It was like, DUDE! He's got it! It clicked!

In other news, I think I'm going to be creating a chart or two in order to ... ENCOURAGE ... my little minions toward successful potty training.
Or maybe I should do a marble jar (for each of them, of course). This way, each time Bucket uses her panties or diapers instead of a day-time potty run, I could remove a marble. (And two marbles in the case of Bruise taking off his diaper to pee on their carpet. *rolls eyes*)

(And THIS is the reason why they have little nicknames ... so if you meet them as teenagers, your first thought won't be "_______ ____? I know that name! OH!! You were the one that peed on your room's carpet so many times/told your Mommy that she stinks/etc., etc., etc." See, I AM a good mommy!)

Now to finish being a good mommy ... I have to throw on some clothes and take my wee ones to storytime!


Brooke said...

your little munchin brigade does brighten my day!

Fold My Laundry Please said...

Aren't you the little blogging butterfly today!

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