Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Chrome ... And some fun links. And a video.

So, Goggle created their own browser. It's still in beta, but overall, I really like it.

I do miss my Firefox extentions (I'm a total Firefox girl, all the way. IE? I only have it so I can play some games that aren't supported in Firefox. *sigh*) ... and some video formats aren't supported yet. 

But I do like it. And I'm glad that I downloaded it.

Especially because, for some reason, my iGoogle (personalized homepage through is not really working. Like all the RSS feeds that I've subscribed to? Totally not loading. Very "Grr"-making.

So ... yeah. If anyone knows if something's up with Google, or if it's just my computer totally thowing a complete nervous breakdown -- and you have some advice? Seriously, let me know.

Until then, I'll just have TWO browsers open and try and get by.

And I'll post some fun things for you all. Because I love you so.

HERE is a little comic about a bookstore with every book. (You'll have to go through a page verifying that you're old enough to access it. I do not know why. There's less smut than in the Bible, for crying out loud.)

And HERE (Can't enable! Drat!) is Stephen Colbert and Cookie Monster. Genius! (I pink, pufyf heart BOTH of them!! Squee!!!)

This is specifically for my Bri-Bri ... CafePress has a cute shirt -- "All I Need to Know I Learned from Gilmore Girls"

Here's a cute video - a final project by some French students in animation school:

And, as you probably know, I'm addicted to some strange websites -- NotAlwaysRight is one of my favorites when I need a laugh (which is, let's face it, ALL THE FLIPPIN' TIME. Because I LIKE to laugh.) ... Well, with the upcoming Halloween holiday, this story totally made me burst out laughing.

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