Thursday, September 25, 2008


Let's see, where have I left off?

The last few days have been a little ... crazy. Not always bad-crazy. Just mostly crazy-crazy.
As if that's out of the norm for me. *shakes head*

My mom and Aunt J came up Monday and left Tuesday afternoon (so I totally skipped on playdate. Hope you don't mind!) ... the visit involved Chinese food and Halloween costumes for the kidlets. They got exactly what they wanted and we spent less than we would have buying them at (Seriously, Target's prices right now are NICE!)

Tuesday had Bruise and Bucket breaking their Lego-table by STANDING, SITTING, and JUMPING OFF it. I had a bit of a nervy b and yelled and ... well, let's just say that I could have handled it much better. I do have a tendency to REALLY let myself go when I reach the breaking point. 
I did not hit my children ... but the table itself got a little bit of some tough love. I was seriously torked off, if you get my point. After all the whining I dealt with ... I just had really had enough. 

This is why I'm really NOT a good example. (Well, yet another reason. :/)

Wednesday, we hit the libraries -- did storytime, picked up holds, visited with my library ladies --- then came back home where the children did NOT take a nap. They just played in their room for a few hours. I read part of a book, watched Newsies (yeah, until yesterday at 1 P.<., I was one of the few Mormons in the U.S. who had not seen Newsies.) (It was okay. Funny to see Christian Bale so young. And I liked Bill Pullman's character ... but I like him even better in "While You Were Sleeping.") We got home taught. I also made spaghetti Carbonara (YUM!) from the recipe on PioneerWoman's website.

Went to the library today. Came home. Read to the kidlets. Let them play until they got WAY too whiney. Asked them, "Do you want cookies and water?" -- which is what we give them whenever they have to go to bed. It was what we weaned them onto when we weaned them off of ... well, ME.

So, I ask, "Do you want cookies and water?"
"NO!!!!" Bucket screamed.

So, fine, they have naptime without it. I'm not about to be screamed at. 
It irritates me when people try.

Oh, cute story from yesterday's storytime: Bruise got a girlfriend. He held her hand and dragged her around the storytime room in one (of about a bazillion) of his laps. After that lap, this cute little toddler wrenched her hand out from his grip and laid, right in front of Mr. S (the librarian), on her tummy to listen to the story. Bruise TRIED to rewin her affections, but to no avail.

Yup ... the relationship tanked in about two minutes. He got over it pretty well.

Bucket picks out pretty, older girls to make friends with. She ignores the boys. Sometimes I think she makes the friendship choice based on shoes ... She's kinda shallow. Like her mom. :P

And, here's a couple photos of the kidlets trying out their Halloween digs. (Which are now being held hostage, for their own safety, in the closet) (Also, ignore the messy house, okay? Kthxbai!)

Now, if only they were always just as sweet as in that last picture.
But, if that were the case, I'd never be ready for the day they will desert me forever leave home for missions, college, marriage, and life in general.
(Because when they're really whining or being the stereotypical toddler, I'm just counting down the years left of my parental responsibilities. And then they'll give me kisses and totally ruin me forever. *sigh*)

And, YES, I've warned Bruise that he's NOT ALLOWED to wear the robot-mask (It's Optimus Prime, I know.) to the ward Halloween party. And I think he's accepted that fact.
And I've told Bucket that she's gonna be wearing a shirt underneath her dress ... when it slips to the nips, I KNOW it's too big. Poor slender thing. (I hope that she rather stays that way. ^_^)


Kate the Great said...

I totally LOVE the costumes. I think Bruises hat is the snizzle, (okay, I feel so silly for say snizzle, but it made my giggle to type it.)

Hopefully he will not have meltdowns at the ward party... I try to plan around that rule when making costumes, but I know the day is coming...

Kate the Great said...

Okay, apparently I am spamming this post...

By way of your poll; you don't need to dye your hair pink. Just get a wig... It will be much easier to style into that great '80s hair anyway, because it will have a thicker texture and you can dump as much product as you want onto it.

nicole said...

such cute little costumes!
i'm going to have to check out target for one for my little one.
thanks for the idea!

Anonymous said...

Thoqse costumes are sooo cute! i love them! I particularly love the transformer one. and the hat is so cool!

Brooke said... has been 3 days since your last post!!! Three DAYS!!!!

I need some allanna in my life

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