Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Ax Me No Questions ...

Or, really, DO ask me questions.

I figure that you might have questions. And I'm willing to answer (most of) them.

If there's anything that you've wondered and wanted to know, just hit me with a comment. Or even an email (if you know me IRL). I'll do my best to come through.

Like with this:
Jenny, I have a Nikon D40 DSLR. Yes, it can be bulky to carry around, but I LOVE the fact that I barely have any shutter lag (which was my main compaint about my dear little point-and-shoot). That and my Nikon's battery lasts SO much longer.
(The pluses about my point-and-shoot? It had a little video camera. And the zoom is nice. (I only have one lens for my Nikon. That will change once I get some more money. ^_^))

So, yes, if you have questions, fire away! And would you rather I answer right away? Or compile a list of FAQ?

And, also should I do my (terribly belated) list of 100 things about me?

And, other also, to day is my Emi-chan's birthday. She was one of the exchange students my senior year of high school. I lost touch with her while I was in college, which saddens me to no end. But if you hear of a Japanese girl named Emi, who was a foreign-exchange student in Southern Oregon in 1999, totally let me know. Especially if she went to prom with her dear friend, Allanna-chan. And laughs about toilet-kitty stationary.
Because I miss her. And I'm totally mad at myself for losing touch.
I tried to mail her a letter in 2002 or 2003 ... and I've never heard back. So her family must have moved. :(
But wherever she is, I hope that she's having a wonderful birthday.

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