Monday, September 15, 2008

Brush with Fame

I was IMing with one of my dear friends (Katie) and she told me the funniest story.

Well, at least I find it funny. And highly flattering.

She told me that I have quite the blogging rep. 
(Which, to me, is like saying that I'm oh-so gangsta. I'm tickled, but I'm not going to totally believe you without some very convincing proof.)

She followed up with telling me that one of her friends knows my blog. And not through her own blog.

(Okay, okay. So maybe this friend of my Katie-Kate's has gone googling some odd keywords ... what would bring you to this blog? "Insane Lactivist Blogger" or "Rocket Thumb" or "Crappity Crap Crap"?)

But, no, Katie totally pulls out the clincher --
And I was saying something about you and she was all, "WOAH, is that 'Blather. Rinse. Repeat?'"
And I had to laugh because she continuted with, "I see her all over the place!"
Yes, that is a direct quote.

On one hand, I'm all, "Oh, it's a small world. We probably have friends in common. Friends that all link to my blog. ... And I HAVE been blogging for quite a while ..."

On the other hand, I want to buy some new shoes. Because famous people always have LOTS of VERY CUTE shoes. And maybe I should beg Bri for some highlights? Or some red streaks? Because if I'm going to be FAMOUS, I should definitely work at being a whole heck of a lot cooler than I am presently. Because famous people are COOL. So cool that you almost have to spell it with a K, they're THAT cool.

But mostly I'm tickled that someone out there referred to me as my blog. Totally made my whole day.

(That and the fact that I'm THISCLOSE to being caught up with the dishes! Woo hoo!!)

(Oh, but famous people don't talk about such banalities as having all their dishes done. Drat it!! I've blown it already! Shhh! Don't tell! Maybe no one will notice!)

... And suddenly I'm GRIPPED with a ferocious CRAVING for chocolate cake batter. Why is that?

Total other subject: I've asked my kids what they want to be for Halloween.
Bucket: "Swinderlella"
Bruise: "Truck. No. Car. No. Wobot ..."
(Can you tell that he's gotten into Transformers?)

But I do really, really love when Bruise plays Transformer. He'll lie on the ground on his belly, feet together, arms along his sides, head up (Almost like the yoga Cobra pose, but with the arms at his sides) and bellow, "Trwuck!!"
Then he'll roll onto his feet and yell, "Wobot!!" and stomp through the kitchen, not unlike Godzilla. Sometimes his hands will be held by his shoulders. Totally cracks me up.

(When I realize that he won't always do this, I die a little inside.)

But, yeah. Maybe I should start signing pictures and sending them out to you all. This way, in a bit, you can all say, "Oh, yeah. I know her! I've read her blog since WAAAAAY back." 
Or not. But we can pretend, right? ^_^

But it's fun being able to think that I'm famous. And being called by my blog totally makes my day. ^_^


Satina said...

You do make me laugh! I think you should definatly get new shoes, we all should. My sister is into shoes because she says that shoes never make you look fat and you always feel pretty in a new pair. True. Thank you for your comment on my blog, it was fun to see you on there and know you had visited. Today is better, except my neck...uhg. It was nice to meet your friend today. Tell her sorry for being so anti-social. My neck was REALLY hurting! It was really hard to focus on anything else. Well, I better get to MY dishes. I too wish I was famous, then I would hire someone to do the crap jobs for me.

Brooke said...

I always have new shoes and new hair colors....does that mean I am famous or does it just mean that I pose as famous?

Shoes are the best investment ever because no matter how fat or thin you get, they still fit...unless you get high boots cause your calves can get to big, but those are stripperesque anyway and you my dear are neither stripper or hooker....

What do YOU want to be for Halloween?

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