Monday, September 08, 2008

Some wedding pictures ... T1's. Not mine. In case you were confused.

I did the flowers. Are you totally jeaaaaalous of my mad floral-arranging skillz?? 
I'm totally going for my black belt in Ike-Bana. Fo' realz.

Being married is fun. (And are they not ADORABLE?!?)

And don't you love how my Bucket is all, "Yo, y'all. Check HER out. Weirdo cousin!!"
... Yeah, my baby girl has some serious attitude.
And then my little man is all, "Hey, I'm next to the bride. I have to work a little to look 
EXTRA adorable."
Yeah, he takes being cute to a competitive level. I'm thinking he'll take at least 
silver in the next Olympics for it. What say you?

"Smell, Mommy! Smell!!" <-- No, really. That's what she's telling me to do.
And, gosh, I DO so have mad flower skillz, huh?

*sings*Vogue, vogue, vogue. Strike a pose. *does some Vogue-ing*
These bridesmaids are fun. F-U-N, fun. Adore them, okay?

Srsly, are they NOT anerable?? SO, so darling. I'd put them in my pocket if I could. 
(Note to self: get slightly larger pockets. And maybe a shrink-ray.)

I love how the light is all "SHINGK!!!" Yeah, I totally took the picture. 
No filter, baby. It's allllllll me. (And, no, I'm NOT at all full of myself. Why do you ask?)

I totally, totally LOVE how they can completely ignore the rambunctious trio of flower girls and just gaze romantically into each others' eyes. Le sigh.

My niece takes keeping her dress clean VERY seriously.
VERY, very seriously.

Bucket is SO, SO, SO(!!!!) excited that her Auntie A gave her blue stick-on earrings.
So excited I couldn't get a picture of the earrings at all.
She could barely form the words to tell me who gave her the earrings, she was just that excited.

Bucket gets some last-minute instruction from Grandpa as the ring ceremony begins.

During the ring ceremony.
My other niece takes flower petal-duty VERY seriously.
(I think she takes most things very seriously.)

Like I said, VERY seriously.

I LOVE that K got verklempt. I'm so glad to have him for a brother-in-law-in-law!!

K and A enjoy a sweet minute with my nephew. 
(A's his mom. K's our husbands' cousin.
... Yes, the cousin of Michael and A's husband. We're married to brothers, okay??)
(K, do you like the picture better now? You really do look fine!!) 
(Everyone, tell her how pretty she looks!! NOW!!!!! ^_^)

K masterminded the tulle around the pillars. And added the petals, too.
No wonder I adore her. ^_^

Yum, cake.
It was really, REALLY good cake. Delightfully moist and everything! 
And TWO kinds of filling!!
(And aren't T1 and K CUUUUTE?!?)
I call that trepidation. And also underexposed. Darn fading light!

Here I am, working some sash-tying magic! 
(Now to lose that last 30 lbs. Stat. After I finish eating the leftover
food from the wedding.)

Dianne took this picture (And the one above -- sneaky!). 
She was the wedding photographer.
If you do to her blog, you can see some more shots she took. 
She's amazing.
And, look! A word cloud I did on! Isn't it beautemous? 
That is a word cloud of the Family Proclamation.
Which happens to be what Bishop Harper read in the ring ceremony.
Go me!!

And out of the 300+ pictures I took that day, 
I think that THIS one if my favorite.
Dianne was posing K and T1 and told T1,  "Tell him you love him with your eyes."

So I title this one, The Look of Love:

Here's hoping that K and T1 are having an excellent time on their honeymoon! 
And to an eternity of marital bliss!


Fold My Laundry Please said...

K, you do look beautiful in that picture! And I'm not just saying that because Allanna ordered me to!

Allanna, I'm TOTALLY stealing that word cloud idea for wedding gifts!! It would seem you also have mad gift giving skillz to go with your flower arranging skillz! Word up!

Jennifer Davis said...

Great pics! They were so cute! And EVERYONE looked beautiful :) And those flowers were some of the best I've ever seen! (and being there in person, I can vouch that they looked even better in person!) All the flower girls were so cute together :)

I should get the name of SLR camera you have... I have been considering getting one - I just hate to lug something so big around, that is why I love our point and shoot :)

Anonymous said...

O.M.G.! Yeah they're a gorgeous couple. When I first heard that they were even dating, I was like... "How did I not think of that!" Not that I'm Yentil the Matchmaker, just that your B-I-L, K is fantastic, and funny, and T1 is fantastic and funny... and DUH they just FIT :-) Congratulations to them.

Oh, and you SO do not need to lose 30 more pounds skinny-legs. Oh to have model-legs like yours... sigh.

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