Monday, September 22, 2008

More Ren Faire Stories

So, we already covered what has been probably the most embarassing thing EVER to happen to me.

And I'm sure that you're all so very, very glad that it didn't happen to you.
Can't say that I blame you at all.
Not at all.

SO! Now for other stories of Ren Faire fun, laughter, mayhem, and such!

During that same first Ren Faire, I was also in another play. This one was written by our Drama teacher and was for the Advanced Drama (a.k.a. "Comedy") class.

It is also the play with my first stage kiss. Which I was very nervous about. 
On the day that we were blocking the scene where Dave's character and mine kiss, I was VERY intense. I made sure to ask Mr. A what exactly he had envisioned for the scene, etc. 

"Now, you'll just have a very small, innocent kiss. Your lips touch and hold for a second, then pull away slowly." was about the description that I was given. And it eased my mind. I could do an innocent kiss ... that wouldn't make me a Cheaty McCheatersons on my boyfriend, right?

So, within a half hour, we were reading off our scripts and standing in/moving to the correct spots on the stage. The fateful moment, my first rehearsed stage kiss, was coming up. Dave leaned in, I leaned in -- my lips puckered for an innocent kiss ... and his lips fit right around mine, like a hook and an eye.

Like a good follower-of-directions, I hold it for a sec, then we part ... With my face burning (almost GLOWING) crimson, I sputter, "He didn't have his mouth closed!!"

One of our friends in Comedy gave me the nickname of Strawberry Shortcake due to the color I turned. I could have been a little more grateful for that. *rolls eyes*

Of course, we performed that play twice on Ren Faire day ... once for the students there and once for the parents (I was actually in three different plays that day -- The Miller's Tale, a version of Everyman, and Ovid's Art of Love. Yep, I was quite the thespian that day. Go me. ^_^) ... The next day, as life was back to normal, I sat in my chair in Algbra 2 and my friend A, turns to me and says, "So, I hear you and Dave were getting pretty hot 'n heavy on stage last night."

Bwhahahaha!!! Yes, the rumor mill at our small school totally blew that one out of proportion. One close-mouthed kiss, on STAGE, in front of God and our parents became "getting hot and heavy." Riiiiiiiight. 

If I kept that up, I might have gotten a reputation. One that wasn't "Oh, Allanna's weird. Oh, Allanna's a bit of a brain/bookworm/possible lesbian <-- Yes, I was suspected of being a full-blown lesbian because I didn't start dating/having sexxors when I was twelve. And I held my best friend's hand. In a total you're-my-best-friend-and-we're-both-girls way. Yup.)

I don't have any huge memories of my junior-year Ren Faire.  I know we did a play. I know I didn't have a huge part. I wore the same dress from the school's costume room as the previous year. Cynthia and I were courtesans ... and we passed out Hershey's Kisses and showed our ankles. 

My senior year was the year that I had my own costume, made by my mom (because she loves me so!). ... I also was my friend Christina's (who was the queen of Ren Faire, clever girl!) herald.

My main duty as herald was to announce the rules at the beginning of the Faire. We all crowded into the little theater and I sat, waiting until it was my cue to get up to read Christina's rules. Now, the scroll I had didn't fit completely in my little reticule ... it kept bumbing against my wrist. So I had taken it out. And I didn't want to lose it. ... My dress didn't have any pockets, so I put it the one place I couldn't lose it.

In my cleavage. 

And I forgot about it. I was a little nervous (Yes, public speaking might LOOK easy when I do it. But, really, I do get nervous).

And so, when it was my cue, I hopped up into the lights and grabbed for my reticule ... which was empty and at my seat. ... I suddenly had a perfect recollection of where my scroll was. 

And so, with a half-teasing, half-inocennt look, I coquettishly drew my scroll out of my top to a flurry of giggling from the audience (and some full-blown guffaws from a teacher or two).

No one would ever believe I didn't do it on purpose. ... I suppose that help to illustrate my superior mad acting skillz. :P

Of course, maybe they didn't believe me because about six months earlier, when we had the Olympiad, I had dressed up as Calypso (hey, it's what one team of those sophomores in AP World History chose as the god they were performing for!) ... I had wrapped one blue floral-sprigged sheet around my body, like you wear towels out of the shower, with a white sheet down my back, connected by being wrapped around my bra straps. 
Yeah, it was a little low-cut, but it covered just about everything that needed to be covered. I think I even was wearing jeans under the sheet!

BUT, as I was saying, one of the guys in our circle of friends came over to me and said, "Hey, Allanna, isn't that a little low-cut?"
And I wiggled the blue sheet down, maybe a half-inch or an inch.
As his eyes bugged out, I asked, "Is that better?"

Yes, I'm so completely evil. Avoid me. I'm a bad influence.

I must have been channeling my inner Mae West or something. :S

But I had a very fun day with my friends. As I took off the cape sheet, which we laid on, on the grass, and sun bathed.

Good times, good times.

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Brooke said...

people alwaysthought Amanda and I were lesbian lovers because we always held hands...maybe me being her prom date also encouraged that...

so while you are a lesbian, I am an incestual lesbian....beat that!

And I will not avoid you...I love your bad influence

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