Thursday, September 18, 2008

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Yes, so Halloween is coming up. 

I NEVER really know what to be for Halloween. I mean, I try to come up ideas ... and then by the time I come up with SOMETHING, I have, what, FIVE minutes to put it together before getting the kidlets into THEIR costumes.

This is the first year where Bruise and Bucket really CARE about what they want to dress up to be. (Bucket wants to be a princess. A SWINDERLELLA princess. And Bruise wants to be a truck/robot or a train.)

For the record, Bucket likes the idea of her mommy having pink hair. 
And it'd be an idea that I don't think any of the other moms at church would be carrying out (Right, Dianne and Satina? Or any other moms -- you can all weigh in!) So I was thinking I could go as Jem from the 80s cartoon:

But that would require some serious work in getting my hair the right color. I think my mom would cry so hard. If I go as Jerrica, though, NO ONE would get it. They'd just think I was going for the "80s fashioned creative businesswoman" ... and that's not anywhere near as fun.
(I mean, I could try being Synergy or Danse ... but even fewer people would get that at all. *sad face*)

Another idea that only requires me to get a decent olive-colored jumpsuit ... and a teddybear patch for it would be Kaylee Frye from Serenity/Firefly. I LOVE her character. And I wouldn't really have to do a lot with my hair, since she often wears hers however. 

If I can find a cute retro-style dress, I could be June Cleaver ... Just put my hair back, add pearls and a pair of pumps (liking the alliteration??) and I'd be set.  
(But do I really want to be chasing my munchkin brigade in heels? Again? After T1's wedding and reception, my feet were tender for a couple days.... Do I want to do that again? ... On the other hand, it'll only be for a couple hours, really. I can handle it. I'm a big girl. And it's not like I'm going to be running full-throttle down a flight of stairs again. ... And even if it did, Dad C won't be here to be freaked out by my doing that again.) (No, I did NOT FALL. I'm actually safer walking in heels than in flats. Fo' realz.)

Or I can dig around and find the Ren Faire dress Mom made me for the Ren Faire my senior year (When we had Wicker Augustus as the World History teacher for the sophomore class, we'd have an Olympiad in the fall, where we'd do a relay and a few other Olympic sports challenges and some drama competitions. Spring would be the time for the Ren Faire and archery and dancing. Since I was in theater, I got to go to the Olympiad and Faire my junior and senior years as well. Score! I totally miss those days. ... Especially since my first Ren Faire was where I got to play a bad girl. I'll have to tell you that story ... plenty of humor and humiliation. Yep. That's because it involves ME in there. And boys. Any situation with a teen-aged me and a boy that I like? Yeah, it's not going to end quite so well. At least, not until I turned 19 ... It's been smooth sailing since then, really. Let's keep it that way, right?) ... Because the dress would still fit (very loose, with a corset-style top that goes on top of the dress). But how would I wear my hair? 

... Well, I guess I could just say that I was recently restored to my position at court after nearly being burnt at the stake due to a false accusation of witchcraft.  ...But since I'll mostly be at church, I don't think ANYONE would care. Am I right? It's not like Rennaisance Faires where people totally live for another persona (like my junior year where my Cynthia and I were coutesans. The TAMEST courtesans EVER. We gave out Hershey's kisses, that's how tame we were. It was still awesome. Gosh, I miss you Cynthia!!)

Yeah, that's as creative as my brain is getting right now. If you have any better ideas of what I should be, totally let me know. I mean it!!

And, if nothing else, I could always just print out a couple pages of my blog. I can go as my blogging-persona "Blather.Rinse.Repeat." ... Maybe add some seafoam- and chocolate-colored curling ribbons in my hair, just to keep the design all cool.

Or not.

But vote on the side if one of those options sounds like a great idea for me. 
Voting closes Sept 30, at noon!


Fold My Laundry Please said...

I'm gonna vote for Jem. 'Cause non-permanent hot pink hair is easy. May I recommend the Manic Panic brand of temporary hair dye. Any beauty supply place should have it.

And, don't be offended, but it you still fit in any outfit that you wore at any time during high school, you can't be my friend anymore! :)

Fold My Laundry Please said...

Oh, I almost forgot. Andrew and I wanted to dress up as a dishwasher and a repair man. He would wear his plain blue jumpsuit and I would wear my regular clothes, some yellow rubber gloves, and draw a big black circle around my eye with black make-up. Get it? Like that horribly sexist joke? We didn't do it though. I didn't think it would go over too well at the church trunk or treat!

Kate the Great said...

Okay.. I totally vote for Jem... because really, that's the coolest idea in the world! And you can totally tell who was a child of the 80's by who many people actually know who you are. and if you don't want to dye your hair, just get a wig.

Secondly.... Fold my Laundry.. I think your idea is so FUNNY! And trunk or treat or not you have to do it... you'd be surprised at some of the costumes I see at our trunk or treats... nothing phases my ward anymore when they see me coming. ;)

Dianne K. Nelson said...

Just get a hot pink wig. You could do it. Or get lessons from Elisa...


Brooke said...

ok need to vote on her poll on the right side of the screen onher blog...Iam tired of being the lone voter

Anonymous said...

And I miss you too!!!! sooo much! I'm planning to come back over there in 2010 (when I'll be done with this fracking loan). And yes, I do remember that Renaissance Fair! We had FUN! And I still have the little pouch we made to keep the kisses!
On to the costumes : As a Joss fan, I should vote for the Kaylee one (and I could totally see you dressed as her). But since I'm a child of the 80's, I want to see you dressed ad Jem (and boy did I love that show).

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