Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Some Things that Make Me Smile ...

I was talking wity T, one of my bestest bests ... and she told me that she had been talking on the phone with one of her brothers. He was asking her to guess what he had just gotten.

And the conversation eventually boils down (after some incorrect answers) to this --
T: Um ... Did you get a Wii??
Her brother: *dryly* T, it's called a "pen!s."

Totally made me laugh. (Jenny, did it tickle your funny bone? 'Cause that whole Wii/Wee-thing? It's never getting old. I'm going to be pushing triple-digits and cackling maniacally about it. Whether I have teeth or not. Or have any bladder-control. Because those Wii jokes?  ... Yes, I really am like a little boy. Because pee-pee jokes make me laugh. ... Gosh, I really should, like, get a LIFE, huh? :P)

And, another T tidbit (she loves me so I can tell this) ...It really has to do with the things we do for our children.

She calls me up to ask what we're doing. "Going to a playdate," I tell her. I pause and ask if she wants to come. "Sure!" ... Because she had hyped up for her son how to share toys because there was going to be a meeting with other moms. Then she checked the schedule ... and it's a week until the meeting.
Rather than disappoint her son, she makes plans. I call that proactive and GENIUS! And it was a blast having her hang with me. Good stuff.

(Especially since Bucket has some hero-crush on T's son. If he leaves her sight, she asks where he is. If I comment, "Are you worried about your boyfriend?" She's very much in the affirmative. ... Now I have to start researching how expensive chastity belts and all-girls' schools are. She's not allowed to look at boys until she's at least sixteen. Because she's my BABY GIRL and boys are NOT ALLOWED. ... And I shouldn't worry too much. When I ask her if she's going to marry a prince, she says she's not getting married. *Whew!*)

Also, funny thing Bucket said at playdate --
I had asked her which of the boys at playdate was her favorite, which did she like best?
Her response: "Bruisey."

That's my girl. You'll always love your twin. And Mommy likes it that way. ^_^ Good show of loyalty. ^_^

I'm almost caught up on dishes. And I should work on actually getting OFF MY DUFF and folding some dratted laundry. At least Michael's clothes and the towels. Because that would be a good-wifey-thing do to. And, therefore, I should do it.

So I will. Yeah, go me, right?


Jennifer Davis said...

Does it ever get old?? I don't think so ;) It always makes me laugh :)

Cristall said...

Dear me...I'll never see a Wii the same way. Thanks Allanna for encouraging my already over-achiever imagination. ;)

"SO! (with Scottish accents)Charleh tells me you're a boo-cher!"

Anonymous said...

I've decided that I'm going to have b/g fraternals like you. It's just how it's going to be. That's it. They're too precious.

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