Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fitness Fun Finale

So, at church, we had an activity ... there was a build-up activity where people could earn points by exercising (and keeping track of their exercising). Needless to say, I'm not all cool and organized like I would like to be. ... So I didn't earn a certificate.

But Michael and I did participate in the fun-run. Or, in our case, fun walk. We did the same as we did last year: Pushed Bruise and Bucket around in the jogging stroller.  Then we had muffins and juice. And Bucket and Bruise played on the playground there.

I am a firm supporter of the idea proposed in Secondhand Lions, that if you're going to do something, you should LOOK like someone who does that. I think the line is, "If we're going to be farmers, we've gotta dress like farmers." Or something like that. (By the way, GOOD movie. I should buy it sometime.)

So I put my hair back in low pigtails to keep it out of my face, wore a pair of Michael's old basketball shorts and the "Cycle Oregon" long-sleeved tee from my stepdad (gotta love resale shopping.), and my running shoes and socks. And sunglasses.

If you didn't know me ... and if you ignored the cellulite, I might look like a runner/athlete. Maybe.
(Maybe Dianne will send me the picture she took of me. Then you could really judge. ^_^)

But we had a good time. One of my YW girls walked with us and chatted as we walked. She and I make no secret that we agree that I'm not at all normal. It's good to build relationships on honesty and common ground, no?

Bucket did end up stepping in some fresh dog poop. Ugh. So, as we went shopping today, she had on her socks. And got to be carried everywhere (Oh, that breaks her heart. NOT.) when she wasn't sitting in the cart.
We made good use of some of the Costco coupons, bought some things we needed at Home Depot, and picked up some stuff at an office supply store (paper for YW Calendars, pens, scissors [since I can't find mine since the wedding. Hm. Oh well. They've got to be around SOMEHWERE. Along with my rice paddle. And Mom C's scissors. Hm.) 

Yeah ... It's been a good day. Especially since I finally got all the dog crap out of the treads of Bucket's Princess shoes (seriously, she LOVES her shoes. They have "Swinda-Lella" on them. And Snow White! And Belle! ... She sometimes wears them to church, since I don't want to have a tantrum going on as I'm loading them in the car. Yes, I know ... I'm a pushover. Oh well).

Finally saw Dan in Real Life. It was very cute. Yeah, I kinda have a hero-worship crush on him. Yeah. He's hilarious. And smart. And can sing. And is just awesome. (And his skits with Dana Carvey or Stephen Colbert? Wonderous and magnificent when you're feeling blue.)

Well, my butt hurts. Yup, I'm feeling that 2k-walk in my bum. Totally. And I need a shower. And to read some more of my library books before they come due. *sigh* So many books, so little time.

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