Monday, September 22, 2008

What's new ... Well, new-ISH ...

We fed the Elders (our ward's missionaries) Friday. 

It doesn't sound all that exciting ... and I do still miss Elder Bartel ... but it was good. I made spaghetti (since I didn't have fetuccini) Alfredo with chicken and broccoli (everything but the broccoli were requests).  I really love it when the Elders request something for dinner. I never, ever know what to make -- and if they  have a craving for (or need a breather from ... or have an aversion to) something, it helps me to figure out what to make.

We got to see the newlyweds. T1 and her HUSBAND, K, came to pick up the furniture that's been here for a couple weeks. 

It's kind of strange now, not having a queen-sized bed in our living room. But the house and carport are a lot roomier now ... the kidlets can ride their bikes more easily through the living room ... So I think I can handle it.

Saturday was also my friend SV's (now SZ's) wedding. Their minister/pastor guy had the best accent. Almost like Eric Idle. 
I leaned over to Michael shortly after the ceremony began and whispered, "I wonder if they paid extra for the accent?"

Also, when Bruise and Bucket saw SV walk up to the minister, they both pointed and called out, "PRINCESS!!! PRINCESS!!" ... You KNOW you look good when toddlers say you're a princess.  And they're right. Her dress was beautiful. I LOVED her veil. It was edged with black satin ribbon, the ribbon coordinating with the black velvet details on her gown. Very, very pretty.

I also got to see JL and A, who I hadn't seen for a while. They're both high school friends of mine. Who got married. And guess who brought them together? ME! I know! Can you believe it? I wasn't necessarily trying to matchmake, but I'm so glad that it worked! They're both darling!
A helped distract Bruise and Bucket during the ceremony.  ... And they laughed WITH us when Bruise ripped one during a quiet moment. *sigh*

In other news, Bruise is talking more and more. We had a little conversation yesterday ... I had changed his diaper and we were talking about dinner.
Me: Do you want dinner?
B: No. Noonooles ("Noodles.")
Me: We just had noodles for lunch. Would you like cheese?
B: Yeah.
Me: ... and a tortilla? And beans? And salsa?
B: Salsa!
Me: And guacamoles?
B: Yes.
*He rips yet another. He's like Jupiter... a gas giant. :P* <---Astronomy joke!!
Me: Did you poop? Or just fart?
B: Fahht!
Me: Okay. Let's go make dinner.

And Bucket's started referring to Bruise not by his name anymore but as "my bruvver."
Example: My bruvver not here me. My bruvver ovah dere watchin' my show.

It's rather funny.

I've also noticed that, when talking to the kidlets, I'm still referring to us all in the third-person a lot. (e.g., "Okay, Bruise and Bucket, Mommy's vacuuming. Let's let Mommy vacuum.")
I really need to start using first- and second-person pronouns now. They can handle it.

And we need to finish paying bills. *sigh* Anyone wanting to just give me a bucket of monies? I'll take it. ^_^


Brooke said...

I can gly mive you a bucket of monopoly monies...smehow, I dont thtink that will help....

nicole said...

ya, monopoly money is just about all we have to give too, but pretty soon here, i won't even have that to give because we may need to start using it on our own!
thanks for the suggestion =]
we ended up going to the temple yesterday and buying the outfit they had there.
it was really cheap, and since tyler's dad gave us an extra $500 to spend we could afford it.
i love reading about your little ones. they sound so adorable! and they look just absolutely precious =D

Kate the Great said...

Okay, so you can totally still carry Bucket around in a sling. I don't carry the boys because they have never been trained to be carried at their ages, but is she likes to be carried, just 'wrap' her.

Seriously go look at the sight that I have linked. And I will totally make you one if you want. Although if you get the right kind of fabric that won't fray, or just use some fray guard, you'd not have to sew at all. Just buy about 5 yrds of fabric you like.

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