Friday, February 29, 2008

Fun stuff

Well, with all the whining out of the way, here are some fun things.

Michael found a piece of paper (wrapping for stockings of all things) on his side of the bed.

Michael: Where did this come from?
Me: I have no idea. *pause* *dryly* Well, I have to confess. There was a wild five-woman lesĪ²ian orgy in our bed. Oops.
Michael: *equally dryly* And you didn't invite me.

Yes, we're that proper and all.

And here are the videos that I promised.

First -- Amy Sedaris is frakkin' ADORABLE!

And second, THIS is the best cover EVAR(!!!!1!):

Yes, I think that I could listen to that cover forever and ever and ever and ever ...

So, tomorrow we get to go into the next town early for the Young Men's and Young Women's basketball games. And price vinyl tiles at Lowe's. And go to Wal-Mart where I hope to buy some bubble bath and maybe some perfume that they MIGHT have which would smell like Nutmeg (!!!) and vanilla and stuff. *hope, hope that it's there!*

I sound so manic, huh?

Funny thing -- Bucket and Bruise now climb out of the bathroom and tiptoe in their altogether to tell us that they're done with their bath. Also, Bucket is rebelling against the status quo by demanding the blue towel instead of the pink one. Bruise will start to fuss, all like "Hey, that's MY towel ... Oh, never mind. It's not worth it."

Ugh. I hope that I start feeling normal really soon. ^_^ Wish me luck!!

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