Saturday, August 14, 2010

A post of many titles

This post could easily wear many titles, such as:
  • In which sleep eludes me (since it's about 1:30 AM and I WENT to bed around 11).
  • Why you shouldn't allow your four-year-old to eat a hot dog, two glasses of juice, five dinner rolls, two bowls of ice cream and apple crisp ... and THEN take them to the park right before bedtime.
  • If my daughter throws up anymore, I have threatened to give her a suppository.
    (Yes, we DO have some. NO, this will NOT be the first time she's ever had one.
    NO, I'm NOT looking forward to administrating this dose.)
  • I'm almost out of clean dishtowels.
  • The curse of Saturday the 14th (since she managed to wait until almost midnight).
  • The "MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMY!!!! *HURK!*" -- Repeat every thirty minutes. At least three times.
  • (Okay, that second time was due to a nightmare. THEN, she STILL threw up.)
  • (The last puke was her lunch. Which confused me at first.)
So, yeah ... where did I leave off blogging? Oh, yes ... the great ant fiasco.


Since then, I've still had odd dreams off and on. I'm not remembering them well enough to really report on them. However, the last doozy was Wednesday night -- One of my friends was working at an animatronic wax works ... and we got to sneak in (a LOT of us) after it closed. ... And you couldn't tell who was real and who wasn't. Parts of it, Michael told me, sounded a LOT like "Westernworld" ... But I don't think I've ever watched that before.

Still, it was strange and unsettling.

Tuesday, I spent cleaning up the house a bit. But mostly procrastinating.

Wednesday was the usual thing: Mom came up, went to storytime, (OH! Our books, mostly food storage and freezer meals, from Amazon came in. That was exciting!) took the kids to McDonald's, volunteered while the kids played at the park (The kids ate just about their WHOLE Happy Meals. BRUISE ATE ALL OF HIS!!!), we took them to the summer reading program (Legos this week), we bought them those big/wide pencils so they can practice their penmanship more easily, we went home and ordered pizza, Michael came home and didn't have an EQ meeting (but he did still have to go to a meeting later with Bishop), we watched SYTYCD ... That's it in a nutshell ...

Oh, and some young'un BIT THE CRAP out of my son's arm in the PlayPlace. Just about broke through the skin in a few places. 

Seriously, if I had lived about fifty years ago (when I wouldn't have gotten arrested for that sort of thing), I'd have climbed in there, extracted that three-or-so-year-old by his ear and dragged him over to his mom (chatting across the room and out of sight-line of her kid) BY HIS EAR and given him a good shake or two while fiercely intoning that "WE DO NOT BITE."

Hey, I'm a mama bear. You do NOT eff with my kids.

Good thing that my mom was there. While I sent hate-glares at the offender, she remarked that he seemed off ... like, perhaps, learning disabled or something.

Bruise got over it (and I slathered some hand sanitizer over the bite. Just in case) and went back to play with Bucket. They both were instructed to give Biter-Boy a wide berth.

Some people's children.
Some children's parents.

Thursday, we went to storytime as Mom headed home. Then we joined up with Katie and her crew of boys. We followed her to their new home where I got to touch up her new haircolor (She's got THICK hair. Thick enough that she NEEDS two bottles of dye. ... I'm trying not to be jealous. ^_^). Bucket and I got to play with her iPad. (It is nice. I just need some friend to let me play with their Droid now. Any volunteers?) The kids all played outside and then with the Wii in their family room.
After a tractor ride, we headed back to our place where I fed the kids and they went to nap without any arguments (AND THEY SLEPT!!) while I cleaned up in preparation for some high school friends to drop by.
Obviously, I must have the week wrong. Or they got busy. But, hey! The house was clean and the kids took a nap!!
Then I had to wake up the kids after a couple hours' nap so I could schlep them over to church for my RS meeting and Visiting Teaching interview.
Then we headed back home, where Michael was, fed the kids and put them to bed.
And watched the finale of SYTYCD. Truly, any of the top 3 (or even the top 4) could have won and I'd have been fine with any of the results.


Great, she threw up again.
The suppository went well. MUCH easier than I had anticipated. Having a bumoley that's a few years older (and larger. In a good way.) really helps. That and the fact that she's able to understand that this is medicine that will help her not throw up any more. *sigh*

I really did not /DO not want to be up at 2 AM ... but, hey, if she FINALLY falls asleep for realz this time, maybe I can, too.


Back to where I was ... Oh! That brings us up to what WAS today. And what is now, technically, YESTERDAY. *sigh*

Got up before Michael left for work. Let the kids eat yogurt while I worked at making sure they didn't mess up the house any. Thought about walking to the mall to do errands. Remembered that today's the start of our heatwave, so thought again. ^_^
Michael got home, so I gave him a haircut. We started dinner. We invited another family in our ward, one that we didn't know all that well. We made Chicken Parmesean, spaghetti alfredo, ceasar salad (from a bag), rolls, and hot dogs (for the kiddos).
The food turned out. ^_^ We ate and had fun while the kids ate and played. Then we walked to the park to get the kids all played out so they'd sleep.
(Famous last words in our case.)
Michael finished another disc of NCIS and we went to bed.

As soon as I fell asleep ---- "*scream/cry* MO-OOM!!!"
And, as we rushed into the kids' room, there's Bucket ... heaving her dinner all over the carpet.

We get her cleaned up, get the floor cleaned up, and head back to bed.

Half an hour later,  she screams for me again. Because, as she declares in her sleep-addled state, "I can't catch [Bruise]!" And she pukes a little more.

Another 30 minutes go by, I JUST manage to drift ........ and then ...... "MOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMY!!!!!! MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!"

I try not to burst into tears.

REPEAT of the vomitorium ... with bringing up Spaghettios from lunch (TMI, I'm sure. Hey, who's the mom who's lost hours of sleep?? Bear with me. This is stream of conciousness writing here at this point. You should be proud of the fact that I'm THIS coherent.).
Michael gives her a father's blessing as we have her hurk up anything else in her stomach into the toilet. Which gets clogged. AGAIN.
(I HATE that toilet. Really. I really, really hate that toilet. ... But, hey, at this point, using the plunger? I'm SO good at that.)

She's got her fun croup-y cough. We give her some DM cough syrup. Get her settled back in bed.

Michael grabs the wastebasket from our bathroom, empties it and puts it by her bed. Just in case.
I TRY to fall alseep. After ten minutes of LAYING THERE, trying (among things) to slow my heart-beat so it's not CRASHING IN MY EAR as my ear is on my pillow, to calm my brain with music -- playing memory of Claire de Lune, Moonlight Sonata, Ave Maria in my brain ... Nothing's working.

So I get up and come out here. Might as well blog, right?

Half an hour later .... "MO-OOOOOOOM!!!!!!"
Pukes into the trashcan, I get her to the bathroom for another sip of water. She has to pee. I get her there. Grab the suppository, do my best to cut the blasted thing in half. Get her situated over my lap, squirt some vaseline on her bumoley, and ... well, that went considerably better than when I'd do it on a changing table. ... I get her back to bed and situated with the trashcan. JUST IN CASE and come back to write and write and type and type this all out. *sigh*

My eyes hurt. My brain is still on FULL PANIC ALERT, though. And it's almost 2:30 AM ... 

I want to cry. But that would take energy. And it would make my eyes hurt more.

I also have to pee ... but that would require going back through the bedroom and maybe waking up Michael. Again. Since he did wake up when I got up out of bed ... He asked if there was anything wrong.

"No. I just can't sleep."
"Anything I can do to help?"
"No. I'm going to go to the computer. Thanks, though."

So, yeah. Just checking Facebook and blogging. 

Sleep is for the weak, right? 

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