Wednesday, August 25, 2010

In which I confess: I really do love comments

I want to thank you all for reading (and especially for commenting!) on my last post.

It's good to know that (1) I'm not alone in the "Gosh, sometimes my body and I are just not total BFFs" and that (2) the idea of itemizing things that rock about our bodies can help.

I also want to share what Michael left on a Post-It stuck to my screen this morning:

One of your best blogs ever.
You are beautiful.
And you forgot to list the small of your back.
It's super sexy.
Love you.

You see why I totally keep him.

And, yes, the small of my back is pretty awesome. It's consistently one of my good body parts. I've always liked it. ^_^

So, to reiterate, I really do appreciate you. I'm glad that you read. I'm very glad that you comment. (No pressure for the lurkers. I'm guilty of lurking FAR more often than I comment.)

But I want to tell you that you are awesome. And I really, really appreciate you. Please feel valued and adored today. You are worth it.


Jocelyn said...

That is such a sweet thing for your hubby to do! (and that he doesn't mind you blogging about it)

I love comments, too. Sometimes they're all I live for. In fact, I hate to admit it, but sometimes my sole purpose in posting something on FB is to see more in my e-mail inbox. I crave adult attention.

I would comment on your blog more often, for example your post about your week that was before the body image one. But I didn't get to finish reading it before the kids were going bonkers, and by that time, I forgot what I was going to say.

Oh! I love Chuck, too. It only gets better.

And there was something else, but I don't remember now.

Allanna said...

Jocelyn - Thanks for commenting! I always feel guilty when I GET comments and how I rarely respond to them personally. But I agree -- adult interaction is TOTALLY FULL OF WIN!

And, yes, Michael totally rocks.

Thanks for the hint about Chuck. I can't wait to watch Season 3. Such a fun show. And, really, any show that uses a Cake song as the opening theme? BEST THING EVER. ^_^

Jocelyn said...

You just climbed two notches in my book for loving Cake!

Allanna said...

Cake is awesome.

The band AND the food.

We should eat cake while listening to Cake. And dancing the cakewalk.

It'd be a trifecta of cake-tastic proportions!

Mmmmmmm.... cake.

You're seen this, right?
(Jim Gaffigan - Cake)
I love this so much. ^_^

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