Saturday, August 07, 2010

Crazy kids ....

While at Costco, the kids told us that "Daddy has to spank Mommy. And Mommy has to spank Daddy. And then you have to go to bed!"


Also, yesterday at bedtime, Bruise kept giving me long kisses where (though his mouth was, THANKFULLY, screwed tight into a pucker) his lips kept moving.

"It's a MOVING kiss."

So I asked him if he kisses the girl in his Sunday School class that he says he's going to marry like that.

"No" ::snickers::

"Do you kiss [the other girl he's said he's going to kiss] like that?"

"I don't know."

"Do you kiss [your Sunday School teacher] like that??"

"NO!!!!" ::laughs::

... Yeah, I'm gonna have to watch that boy. Especially since he told me last month that he's going to marry [Girl #1] in the temple. THEN he's going to kiss [Girl #2].

I told him that THAT was NOT going to fly. If he's kissing any other girls, he had BETTER get that done before he gets married.

Hey, just keeping it real.

Bucket is determined that she's going to marry a very nice boy from her class ... even though he and his family moved away.
Of course, that sweet boy's awesome mom is hoping that Bucket and her son will get hitched, too. So we like to joke that our kids are already betrothed to each other. ... It's fun. And, who knows? Maybe they will end up together. And they can say that they've been childhood sweethearts. Which would be kinda cool ... *shrugs*

(And, really, I'm glad that my kids want to marry other kids with excellent parents. It almost makes me look forward to them getting married ... and LEAVING ME!!!!!! .... Okay ... I've got some adjusting that I'll have to do. I still have at least 14 years to get used to the fact that they're going to have their own lives that won't revolve around how awesome I am. *sigh*)

But, yeah. My kids are funny.
Now, after I get the kids in bed, Michael and I have some child-mandated plans. *LOL*

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