Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Last night's excitement

Since it hasn't been THAT long since I blogged last ... and since I haven't really DONE anything this morning, this post's going to be a little short.

(Yes, I'm still having crap sleep. Stupid Mother Nature. I don't even remember what I dreamt about, really. Just that I woke up and couldn't manage to get out of bed for about an hour. ... Even when a child came, crawled in bed, snuggled up to my arm and then told me, "Momma, your arm is SO WAAAAARMMMM!!")

So, after blogging, I finished talking to my uncle on the phone. And I made dinner. Chicken simmered in broth with lemon slices. And green beans simmered in the rest of the chicken broth with BACON. And brownies. Since Michael and I MEANT to make brownies YESTERDAY ... and we wanted brownies for Family Home Evening.

Dinner was ready by the time that Michael got home. We ate, had FHE ... where Bruise proved that he really isn't reading up to where he should be. He knows a lot of sight words ... He wasn't reading them. So I need to be working with him today. And he's SO NOT playing on the Nintendo DS until he is reading on his own more. ... As long as he's TRYING and not giving up, we'll be happy.

We took a walk to the park and let the kids play a few minutes. (VERY FEW minutes, since Bruise took SO DANG LONG to read his Scripture Story [Jonah -- of course] ... Bucket had read the scripture that Bruise had read in Primary a couple months ago -- 1 Timothy 4:12. She did well ... there were a few words that she flubbed. And she really does read for context, not content ... like her mama. So it was really cute when she started to tell us to be "explanations of the believers"... instead of "examples." Still, she needed very little assistance.Good for her.)

Then we came home, ate brownies, and put the kids to bed.

Michael and I went through some of the pages I had bookmarked to share him ... Hey, I love the intertubes. And I like to share.
Then he started to put away leftovers for his lunch ... and he saw an ant trying to get to our brownies. So I turned on the overhead light in the kitchen ... to find a SWARM around a piece of dropped bacon.

This led to my pulling out the drawer under the oven ... where there were even MORE ants ... so we sprayed under there ... and pulled out a few other drawers to spray in the backs there to ensure that those dang ants won't get any more bright ideas ...

But, yeah. I am a killer. I staged a massacre of ants. And, while wielding my sprayer of Ortho ant killer (No, they didn't give it to me for free or anything. But I swear by it. It works!), I quoted PMS Geisha -- "I kiii you!! I kiii you!" (Truly, quoting things is quite theraputic. Indeed.)

We moved the brownies into the fridge. And Michael unloaded the dishwasher and I loaded it back up and ran a load.

And we cursed ants and that stupid possum that had taken residence under the house a while back ... which we're 99% sure is the reason we had the flea outbreak ... which is now, THANKFULLY back under control. I've only found a couple fleas on Miss Diana-Cat. And Michael's not showing any new bites for a while.

Bucket has some kind of scratch or bite on her leg. Probably from running though the field on the way to/from the park last night.
I have a scratch on my leg, since I've been lazy and haven't clipped Di-di's claws. Ugh. I should do that. They're wicked sharp.

Also, as my kids got themselves water bottles out of the fridge, Bucket brought me one. Awwwwww. That was very sweet of her. ^_^
I guess it helps that I gave them the leftover brownies for breakfast.

Hey, I'm still EXHAUSTED. And I was asleep before 11. Maybe even before 10:30 ... I shouldn't be tired. Stupid Mother Nature. Filthy strumpet.


Brooke said...

I am fighting fleas now too... what is your secret?

Allanna said...

It's really an ongoing battle.
I sprinkled a carpet powder (safe for pets and children) and let that sit for a while, then vacuumed it up. Washed the cat and got a new flea collar for her. (I had tried using flea spray on her, but she tried to give herself a bath before it dried ... so she was hurking and drooling everywhere. Gross!)

And I prayed. LOTS.
Every so often, we do toss a flea/bug bomb under the house. ... Stupid fleas.

They're under control. For now. I only found one on Diana the other day. Phew. ^_^

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