Thursday, August 05, 2010

Jibbitz ... sounds like a new epithet for cursing ... JIBBITZ!!!

Mom and I touched up the pink in our hair. Hers took better than mine this time. It's cool.

We ate Chinese food last night. It made Mom sick. She's really, REALLY sensitive to MSG. Poor girl.

Just waiting for the results for SYTYCD ... then the grand finale will be next week. I really don't care who wins. They're all good. I think that Adecheke is going home. But it could be Robert. I highly doubt that Kent's going home. And everyone loves Lauren, too. (Kent'd probably be crushed if she got sent home.)

Michael got the sink fixed. The kitchen sink (both sides) and the laundry room sink were all plugged up with grossness ... that'd EVENTUALLY let the water drain out. Slowly. I asked him if he might come home early (yesterday), which he did after stopping by Home Depot for a thinner plumbing snake and Drano.

It took him OVER TWO HOURS ... but the sinks are fixed. Good man.

This morning, we said good-bye to Mom (who went to get a haircut and pick up hair supplies for a friend so she can get pink streaks, too -- I gave Mom the keyfob version of my Sally Beauty Club Card. Hey, $5 a year to get discounts. Might as well use it, right? I mean, Mom takes me to Costco so I can get bargains ...) and went to the library.

Our librarian ladies save things from the lost and found ... especially things that scream [my daughter's name]. Today it was a glittery sun visor and a cute reversible jacket (Her brother actually has a boy's version of it. Which is cool and much appreciated -- reversible and has a hood. PERFECT for the Coast and trips to the zoo and aquarium). We are SO spoiled.

Then, as we were making our way to the car, I found myself in a conversation with a man outside of the library. He asked me if my kids belonged to me, if there were just the two (And this was all very benign. He was sitting about ten feet or so away), and if I had a husband that helped care for them.
He then went on to explain that, as he's lived in 48 of the states, single motherhood is running rampant. And that he's NOT in favor of men who shun the responsibility of fatherhood. He was very nice and pleasant.
... And it was quite flattering that he called me a "gorgeous woman." (Especially with how I've felt about my body the past few days. ... And since I didn't have on a lick of make-up. I was just in a [nice] tee and jeans. ... It's nice to be complimented by a complete stranger. They have no obligation to be nice to you, really. ^_^)

(And when I posted about that compliment on Facebook, one of my dear friends told me that I was a "hott mama" ... and another tried to best her by telling me that she was sure I was the "hott babysitter" [since I, of course, couldn't POSSIBLY be old enough to be my children's mother. Ha ha!)

(Have I mentioned that I have EXCELLENT friends? Because I totally do.)

Then we went to the "fountain park" downtown where the kids played. And that was fun. I actually took my good camera and got some fun pictures.

On the way home, Bucket discovered that she had lost "PRINCESS TIANA!!! MY FROG! ON MY SHOE!! It's GONE!!!!!!!"
Yes, the Jibbitz of the Princess Tiana Frog had somehow come out of her Crocs (but not any of the butterfly Jibbitz) between the fountains (because she HAD it in her shoe when we sat down at the park) and the car.

I emptied the car, I searched through all our bags.

It's gone.

So I went to and and managed to get another one ordered with free shipping ("secondchance" and 15% off -- but that code expires in a couple days. Just keep an eye out for new codes. Or, if you haven't already, go sign up for the newsletter at and they'll send an email for 20% off your first purchase. ---- And, truly, my kids LIVE in their Crocs. They wear them to play, to church, for walks ... Just about everywhere. Unless we demand that they wear a different pair of shoes [in Bruise's case. ... that boy LOVES his Crocs.)
(No, I didn't get any compensation for saying that. However, if they want to offer me some discounts or swag, I'd jump on that! ^_^ Since I wear my Crocs pretty much all the time and to just about everywhere. ... I have the flats, not the clogs ... and they go with just about anything I own. ^_^ )

But, yeah ... so, that was that.
And I found ants crawling on the counter and IN THE SILVERWARE DRAWER. EWWWWW!!!
So I cleaned and sprayed all of that.
And that's the MAIN reason why dinner was late.
That and, of course, I lost track of time while on Facebook. Oops.

I'm tired. And I hate ants. And I can't figure out how Bucket could have lost that Jibbitz. They're tough enough to get in the holes ... oh well. Some lucky kid now has it, I'm sure.

I think I'm ready for the weekend after the sink fiasco and the ants ... Still, overall, life is good.

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