Saturday, August 07, 2010

My day ... let me show you it

Today I:

  • woke up to tell my son to go back to bed because it was too early to get up. TWICE.
  • made pancakes for my husband and children.
  • made a stew in the Crock-Pot
  • Somehow hurt my finger doing that ... I held the knife incorrectly and, somehow, gave myself a blister/split/thing. And it doesn't feel good.
  • Michael took the kids with him so he could have the oil changed in the truck
  • Which gave me some free time ... to browse the internet, check email and Facebook, and correct a bit on a flyer for Young Women's.
  • I took a shower and got dressed.
  • We went and picked a total of five pounds of blueberries (the kids each had a coupon for one pound of u-pick blueberries for free from one of their summer reading programs).
  • Bruise ate him pound before we got back home.
  • I rejoiced in the fact that I don't have to change his diaper. :P
  • We went to Borders where I bought a book and a friendship bracelet kit 
  • (No, I HAVEN'T GROWN UP. What????)
  • We also used coupons to get each of the kids a glitterball for free. Bucket's is larger and full of iridescent strips. Bruise's is small and lights up when bounced.
  • Bucket fell IN TOTAL LOVE with a Hello Kitty travel activity set. 
  • We stopped by the mall to let Bruce look at Legos.
  • Bucket and I went to Bath and Body Works so we could each use a coupon to get the new Dark Kiss travel-sized lotion. (Having children = free labor and ability to use that second coupon. ^_^ Wish I had thought of it when I was getting the free travel-size of Forever Sunshine a couple months ago. At least, I'll know that I can do it next time. ^_^ ... And, yes, I will share with her. ^_^)
  • Bruise settled on some Star Wars Legos. He has his own rocket ship now. 
  • Don't ask me which one it is.
    Ask Michael. He could tell you.
  • I realized that I REALLY wanted fresh bread with dinner.
  • So I made these skillet rolls.
    Since I don't have a skillet that's oven safe, I used a glass pie plate. It worked fine
    They were delicious
  • The stew turned out really well, too.
  • I finally found the bay leaf.
    In my ... um ... third bowl of stew.
  • I felt the NEED to blog ... especially since I know that my Brooke will get on my case if I forget too often.
    ESPECIALLY since I helped convince her to start blogging again so I'd have a good example to follow. ^_^ She's kept her part of the bargain, so I can't slip up, either. ^_^

I think that's just about everything.

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