Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Verdict - Very Girly Post. (Really. I'm warning you.)

So, I was brave and, since Michael was going to be home to watch the kids, I went out and got waxed.

It wasn't nearly as painful and heart-wrenching as the times that I've tried to do it myself.

I'm not saying that it didn't hurt ... there were parts that sure didn't feel absolutely wonderful ... but it was much better than when I've tried to do it myself.

I had my ladybits done and my armpits, too.

There are a few stray hairs that will need to be plucked. And, oh, it does feel a little funky.
And I did have to take a shower to get rid of residual wax ...

But my pores aren't bleeding. And the gal was really nice.

She recommends coming in every four weeks ... I don't know that I'll be able to do that. We'll see.
I'm curious to see how well it holds up. Especially the armpits. (I hate shaving. Especially ladybits and armpits. That's why those areas got it instead of, say, my legs. I can handle shaving my legs ... But armpits? I always miss a spot. Or a bazillion. And that's REALLY annoying. ... And razors just don't seem to be the right shape for ... certain areas. I'm just saying.)

I did take ibuprofen before I drove over. And chatting with the gal was a good distraction. Even though I did have to REALLY concentrate on gritting my teeth and BREATHING a couple times.

It is more expensive than buying a razor and some cream ... but she did a good job. There are some bits that, once I got home, I plucked at ... and I'll need Michael's help to get some hairs in my armpits (some hairs were a little too short to get caught in the wax).

Quite a few of my friends have gotten waxed and speak highly of it. I'll see if I jump on that bandwagon. ^_^
(Truly, laying there and chatting while having hairs yanked out? Sounds really strange. It's not that bad in practice. I'll just have to see if our budget can fit it in regularly.)

(Though, really, after bending to tweeze, I could really use a massage ....)

In case you're absolutely mad to know what I paid, The Brazillian wax was $65 and underarms cost $15.
I did leave a tip ... Now, for those veteran waxees, how much is a fair tip? I gave $15 ... since I really wasn't sure. Would $10 be fair?


Bonnie-Jean said...

I've always wondered what that would be like. I think I'll see what my dermatologist has to say about stuff like that for my particular skin before i give it a try though... since I have funky, extremely sensitive skin and all.

Robin said...

I was just talking with a friend about trying this! I like Bonnie Jean, have very sensitive skin, so I would be curious to know if my skin could handle it, b/c you are so right, razors just aren't shaped quite right for certain areas!

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