Monday, August 09, 2010

Where did the day go??

Right now, while the kiddos are eating blueberries, I'm taking the opportunity to blog.

And I'm totally aghast at what time it is ALREADY. How can it be after 4 PM???

Here's how my day's gone so far:

  • Woke up at dark-thirty so Bruise could go pee.
  • Woke up again around 4 from a semi-nightmare.
    In it, there was a witch -- pale, with scraggly, LONG, curly gray hair obscuring her wrinkled face -- picking berries out of our backyard. Outside the window on my side of the bed. Then, somehow, she transported herself INTO the house and was messing with the cat ... between the kids' room and our bedroom. She disappeared. I grabbed the cat (which turned out to be Gingi, NOT Diana -- Yes, I had my cat who died a year and 10 days ago. Not the cat that's currently alive. But Gingi-cat WAS alive in my dream. Weird.) and went to hunt her down as Michael had to drive off in a Semi-truck. I was going to track this witch down and demand to be paid for the berries. And the neighborhood was all dark and woodsy. Not like it is in real life at all.
    And I somehow figured out that if I tracked her down, something bad would happen to Gingi-cat.
    Yeah. Then I recall dreaming about one of my friend's sons ... I don't recall what it was. Maybe just because I see lots of pictures of him on Facebook.
  • I managed to wake up and read my scriptures before the kids really got up.
  • I checked email and facebook.
  • I cleaned off the table and vacuumed.
  • We did school stuff -- writing names, numbers. I checked on Bruise's letters and letter-sounds ... He actually impressed me. He even knows some sight words ... and was WILLING to do things.
    Then we played with pattern blocks and counting bears.
  • We had PB sandwiches for lunch. The kids ate some blueberries.
  • We read some library books and I sent them to nap so I could (finally) get a bath. Where I finished my current book. Though about starting another. Decided upon washing my hair instead. Probably a really good decision.
  • Got dressed. Checked email and facebook again. Showed the kids fun cat videos ... even though they didn't take a nap.
  • Fielded a few phone calls. All from actual people. ^_^
Last night, we watched (Michael and I) "Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging." It was cute ... but nowhere near as great as the books. Really, the books are much better. 

The kids watched "The Great Muppet Caper" yesterday before dinner. They didn't pay attention to it the WHOLE TIME ... but they like the muppets. We've raised these kids right. ^_^

That's most of what all's gone on around here .... Nothing too, too exciting ... except crazy dreams. (Thank, Mother Nature, you wanton strumpet of doom.)

Yup ... relatively uneventful ... Which is okay, really. ^_^
But I hope that I stop getting these weird-butt dreams.

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