Saturday, August 14, 2010

In which I talk about shopping ...

For the last couple of days, I've gotten some emails from Bath and Body Works about this GREAT BAG/deal ... that if you spend $30, you get the bag (fulla STUFF!!) for $20. Pretty awesome ...

(Here's the write-up from the site of what it has in it: Our exclusive VIP Bag features a few very impressive products. It makes the perfect gift, but once you see what's inside, you won't want to give it away! This see-through tote comes with a full-size Shower Gel (10 oz.), Body Lotion (8 oz.) and Fragrance Mist (8 oz.) in Forever Sunshine, Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel in Nectarine Mint (8 oz.), a Blue Scentbug and eight extra refill pads, Home Fragrance Oil in Pineapple Orchid (0.33 fl oz), C.O. Bigelow Mentha Sheer Lip Tint in Vanilla Mint (0.5 oz.), a PocketBac in Fresh Market Apple (1 oz.) with a pink swirl holder, our striped resusable tote, a white gauze sponge and a preview of our newest fragrance, Dark Kiss in a 2 oz. Body Lotion. )

After my crazy-sleepless night (I FINALLY fell asleep around 4 or 4:30 ... and got up around 8:30), I was REALLY looking forward to scoring an awesome bag of wonderful stuff. I was thinking about how nice it'd be to have a cool lippie and the neat Pineapple Orchid fragrance (maybe in the bathroom?) ...

And I got to the mall not too long after it opened. I knew that the bags had sold out online. But, really, my town isn't HUGE-HUGE ... so I went to Bath and Body Works. I took a glance around and didn't SEE any ... so I asked.

They were sold out. And had been for DAYS.

Between the fact that I had so little sleep and I am still under Mother Nature's tidal wave of hormones, I should have an award for not collapsing on the ground and bursting into piteous tears.
Which was what I so almost did upon receiving the news.

You should be SO, SO, SO proud of me for putting on a stiff upper lip and getting the things that Mom had requested (With the awesome deals going on, she requested a few products and she gave me money. So I also got to get things for myself. Which is fun).

Unfortunately, they didn't have the pocket-bac sanitizers or the anti-bacterial soap in Velvet Tuberose (which smells SO AMAZING on my mom. Really. She uses it while she's up here. And I tell her about twenty times or so HOW GOOD she smells.), but I think that I got her a couple that she'll like. I also picked up a couple little pocket-bac plastic holder (to attach it to a purse or bag), one for her and one for me. And I did get a couple body wash scents for my shower. And a smelly-good for my van.

And, even though I was SORELY DISAPPOINTED to not be able to buy one of the bags of wonderment and joy, I did get a book of coupons ... and I got a tube of Look Ma, New Hands for free. (LOVE True Blue Spa products. I'm sad, though, that they no longer make the Soak It Up Monoi Oil Milk Bath. *wipes away a tear* It smelled SO GOOD. At least they still do the bath gel and body cream ... but it's not quite the same.)

Then I went to Sally Beauty and picked up some more bleach. (imho, I really like Manic Panic's Lightning Bleach. I almost picked up a jar of color ... I was really temped to get the Virgin Snow toner ... But I resisted. For now.)

Then I headed over to Walgreen's to buy Nailtiques, formula 2 (for weak nails).
And they were out. They had Formula 1 or 2 PLUS ... but not what I wanted. And it was on sale.
I asked the gal stocking shelves (I say gal ... she was probably 30 or 40. I am terrible with gauging ages, really.) and she was really wonderful. She arranged it so that the Walgreen's from the neighboring town will bring it over next week. AND I have a rain check that I can use in the future. She was really, really wonderful.

I got back home to Michael and the kids (watching Star Wars, episode 1) and I went through Facebook and some blogs. Then we had naptime ... and I FINALLY took some ibuprofen to get rid of the gnarly neck-head-ache-THING that was plaguing me.
(I was THISCLOSE to just ripping my head, neck, and shoulder off and figuring out a way to reassemble them PROPERLY. ... Well, I would have done that if it wouldn't have killed me and made a terrible mess. Stupid bodies. Ugh.)

Thankfully, the ibuprofen kicked in and I'm feeling better. I think that I will take a Unisom and some melatonin tonight. I'm just glad that Michael doesn't have meetings before church. It's SO, SO, SO much easier to get to church on time and with everything ready when there are two adults.
(Yes, I do miss that brief period of time when Michael wasn't the executive secretary or EQ president. I miss it a lot, when I think about it. But it was only for a few months, so I barely remember it. But it was sure nice. ... Oh well, blessings in heaven, right? And the ward hasn't shunned me when I only get into our seats ten minutes before church starts, with only the barest effort of makeup on my face. Or no makeup whatsoever. ... Yeah, I usually am there around 15-20 minutes early. I'm crazy like that. Terminally early.)

The big excitement today was the domestic dispute that took place (OF COURSE) right after we sent the kids to nap.
A guy and his wife? girlfriend? babymama?  ... He was shouting at her. Mostly the f-bomb. About how mad he was that the cops had been called on him and how he wanted to see his kids.

She screamed back at him about how, if he ACTED like their father, he'd be able to see them.

Did I mention that their kids were out in the driveway, listening to this argument?

And that I could hear EVERY. SINGLE. WORD. through our walls and closed windows. TWO HOUSES DOWN?

Michael went out and talked to them. He's braver than I am.
I stood at the ready with the non-emergency number for the local police dialed into the phone, primed for me to connect the call.
The guy calmed down. Then reamed Michael for not IMMEDIATELY going back into the house. Said that Michael was "staring" at him.

Whatever. Michael was just making sure that the guy wasn't going to blow up again.

Yeah, the couple don't live here. The gal is the daughter of one of our neighbors.

Still, really???? Fighting in the middle of the neighborhood? Do they have no sense? And to do it in front of their kids?? Really??

Of course, about a year ago, I think it was her and another girl that had a full-out brawl in front of our place.

At this point, we (meaning MICHAEL) have talked to them twice. If this happens when Michael's not here, I'm just going to call the cops on them.

It's not appropriate at all.

(You're free to disagree with me. And, if you do, please do give me suggestions of what YOU would do if this were happening in front of your house.)

So, yeah ... that's most of what all has gone on. A few disappointments in shopping (Thank GOODNESS I didn't attempt to shop for clothes. I might have been tempted to just off myself then!) ... but there were some good things, too.

Oh, and did I mention that we got ourselves a membership to OMSI (which also gets us into quite a few other museums around the state? LOVELY. And it was with a great discount. ... If you want to nab one yourself, go check out the info about Fred Meyer Science Days (ends Aug 15)). That was great.

Okay. That's it for now.

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