Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The rest of the weekend ...

So, after Saturday afternoon, Bucket did throw up a couple more times.

And she did throw up once yesterday (Monday) afternoon.

Michael's home sick. He went to work, felt absolutely awful, collected his paycheck, and came home so he could throw up in peace.

Yup, we've got the puke chronicles happening here.

The kids LOVE swim lessons. In fact, we'll be going to the pool in a few. Good stuff.
Maybe today they'll actually put their faces in the water. Nine lessons to go to get that one done.


I "discovered" fanfic this weekend. Blame DeviantArt.

No, it's not Twilight fanfic.

It's LABYRINTH fanfic.

I am pitiful.

But I also figured out one reason why I had the HARDEST TIME with relationships ...

Look at the literary/cinematical men that I idolized:

  • Edward Rochester - Brooding, passionate, lives a comfortable lifestyle ... ^_^
  • Wesley - Becomes a pirate and saves his love from a marriage she doesn't want ... He FENCES!! He survives the machine!! He says, "As you wish" ... He loves her even when she's the most insufferable brat to be imagined!!! *sighs and places hand on heart. Sighs again*
  • Jareth - Can we just say "rawr?" Forget the tight leggings ... it's not about that. It's the fact that he is the total epitome of obsession and ... yeah. He defies total explanation ... And he created a GORGEOUS dress for Sarah ... and, oh, how he holds her and leads in that dance ... It's so purposeful and ... yeah. *fans self*
  • Gilbert Blythe - *melty grin* He's just so GOOD. ... After the whole "Carrots" episode when Anne first comes to Green Gables. He's so patient and kind and unselfish ... He GETS her. Enough so that she starts to get herself ... 
And that's just a start to the heroes (and anti-heroes) that shaped my warped world view. ^_^

Is it really any wonder that I spent (far too many of) my formative years with my nose buried in books or watching the classics (like Labyrinth, The Princess Bride, Sabrina [the one with Bogart. NOT Ford.] ... and, of course, the Disney cannon).

That and listening to The Phantom of the Opera ... and totally relating to Eponine's unrequited love in Les Miserables.

Truly, it's amazing that I'm this well adjusted.
(It was quite a shock, really, when [FINALLY] I liked a guy and he *GASP!* actually liked me back!!!!!)
(Even more shocking when a guy actually liked me enough to marry me!! I mean, me!!!  -- I was really more than resigned to my inevitable future of becoming a crazy cat lady, living in a Victorian-style house, with 98 cats. ... Since 99 would just be too many.)

Yes, I had an .... interesting ... childhood. Yes. You could definitely say that.

Okay. Enough blathering about that. ...

So, besides browsing around DeviantArt and devouring Labyrinth fanfic (DON'T JUDGE ME!!!!), what else has happened?

Had a meeting Sunday evening after church. We have a great bunch of women working in the Young Women's program.
Bucket didn't throw up Sunday night. PHEW. Since we really needed sleep.
(She did throw up Monday evening. Just the once.)

The kids started swim lessons yesterday (Monday). They LOVE it. Yay!
I took TONS of pictures yesterday ... and a few today. They're having fun. I can't believe how big they're getting. It's crazy.

I chat with another mom there. Her son's in the class after Bruise and Bucket's class ... her daughter is too young for classes right now ... but that girl ... I'm totally envious of her hair. It's SOOOOOO cute! Those tight spiral curls. ADORABLE!!
(Okay, it's not envy ... I don't know that I could pull off that awesome hair. But I'm happy for her that HER hair curls so well. ^_^)

Michael came home sick yesterday. He's still not feeling great, so he's home today. Which gives me the opportunity to run out and get an errand done. Phew. And I can try and do some Visiting Teaching without having the kids in tow.

I did have to go grocery shopping by myself (the kids were napping and Michael was REALLY feeling poorly) ... but I got everything I needed. And I found castor oil so that I can see if it works at clearing up my face a little. 

It's been SO hot. I don't like walking and finding myself sweating. I still have not found the joy of sweating (another reason that I'm not in good shape --- since you tend to sweat when you exercise and all. *sigh*).

The kids enjoyed swim lessons today ... and I got together with one of my friends (who happens to be my Visiting Teaching companion) which is always fun. And I feel all grown up, since I'm going to try something new (and painful) ... I'll let you know how having someone experienced doing the waxing compares to doing it yourself (which, in my case, is rather ineffectual and can leave one with bleeding follicles. :S Yes, I am a delicate flower. Who gives pretty much full disclosure. :P)

Still, the place that I'm going to came recommended to me by a friend. So, since Michael's back to working (and being paid) for a 40-hour week, we're splurging this month. Wish me luck!!

In other news, I am behind on the dishes and general housework ... because I (being a complete dork, of course) spent most of yesterday poring over Labyrinth fanfic (Yes, I did have to check with the Google to see if it was "poring over" or "pouring over" ... I love the internet. ^_^ ... Even if it contains fanfic that wastes hours of my day. Oops.)

And, really, that's about all that's been going on.

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