Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Crazy Dream Montage

I don't recall ALL of my dream from last night ... or even if it made ANY sense.

There was a white mouse.

Michael was moving a bookshelf. And it still had books in it. And the books fell out of it.
One of the books fell on the mouse. Part of it got trapped. I thought that its arm/paw snapped off. But, no, it was just one REALLY LONG ... finger? thumb?

Do mice HAVE thumbs?

I think it understood me when I talked to it.

The Youth from a larger area were all getting together (IRL, they're going to be doing Roadshows in the fall. But this isn't that).
They had built a dollhouse cake. It looked good.
I was talking to one of the boys. He was about to ask me out and I laughed and told him that, bless his heart -- I'm flattered, of course, but I'm pushing 30. AND MARRIED. And the girls backed me up.
And he visibly paled.

(Yes, like I've mentioned, in my dreams, I'm thinner. Thin enough to pass as one of the youth.)

Somehow the dollhouse had a play that went with it (Obviously, I've been thinking about the Roadshow. No, our ward's skit has NOTHING to do with dollhouses. I can't say anything more, since it's kind of a surprise. Until after they perform it this Autumn.)

I know that there were people in my dream ... Maybe a past teacher or a friend I haven't seen in a while ... I can't remember anymore, though. Oh well.

Just that there was this mouse. And my in-laws were coming over. And the mouse's broken bit, I had put on a piece of a rag next to the sink in the laundry room. I have NO IDEA why I'd have done that.

In the dream it just seemed like the LOGICAL thing to do ... Yeah, dreams. Go fig.

Okay. I have to get off my duff.

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