Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Watch your mouth ... Monkey fighter.

Let's see ... where did I leave off? ... Shopping ....

So, Saturday afternoon, practically five minutes after I sent the kids to lay down and take a nap, our neighbor's grown-up daughter and her ... boyfriend? Husband? Ex-husband? Baby-daddy? (I really don't know. No idea. One of those, though.) got into a huge argument in the middle of her folks' driveway.

He was screaming at her (with prolific f-bombs) about how he never gets to see his kids and how upset he was that the cops were called on him in the past. She countered with the statement that if he ACTED like a father to his children, he'd be able to see them.

Oh, and their kids (one maybe three? The other small enough that she held it the entire time) were out there as their folks were screaming.

And I could hear all of this through the walls and closed windows of our house.

(In the past, there's been another altercation ... with him. And I think it was this girl and another who got into  a brawl in front of our house. ... *sigh*)

Michael was brave and walked out, got the guy to realize that people can hear him and that it's not appropriate to have a screaming match in the middle of the street.
(Then the guy got all defensive when Michael didn't IMMEDIATELY turn-face and scurry back into the house. He accused Michael of "staring at him." ... Yeah.)
I had my finger primed and ready to dial the cops. After I looked up the non-emergency number. Though, unfortunately, I know enough that if you mention (truthfully, of course) that there's a fight between a guy and his female significant other, they do arrive VERY quickly.

Really, no excuse for this. And WHY do people think that screaming profanity is going to get their point across any better than using REAL words?

I'm gonna be QUITE. PUT. OFF. INDEED. if my kids start spewing the f-bomb because of that myopic troglodyte. Just sayin'.
(Really, doesn't that sound SO much better than calling him an effing effer? ... You know it.)

I'm not saying that I don't use curse words. I have. I just don't think that my vocabulary should be limited. I do have quite a few brain cells. And I like to use them. I like to know different words. I like to be able to use the appropriate word for the appropriate occasion. And, really? Mid-afternoon on a beautiful summer's day in   a quiet neighborhood with families? NOT PROPER OCCASION FOR YELLED PROFANITY ... let alone an argument in the middle of the street.

(A proper occassion for cussin'? A bar fight. And, heck, since Mal, Zoe, and Jayne (and River! Don't forget in "Serenity"!!!!)  have proven that you can have a VERY EFFECTIVE bar fight without it, it rather nullifies that argument!)

Truly, if the f-bomb were completely stricken from the lexicon, I'd be rather thrilled. I don't need to hear it or read it. I certainly don't need to say it (so I choose not to.)

YES, you're right. We've just established that I am a TERRIBLE WORD SNOB.

Yup. I'm comfortable with this knowledge.

And this is the reason that I'll be all, "Michael!!! What's the word I'm thinking of? I can't remember it!!! It means '_______________' ... and I think it starts with the letter '_' ... WHAT IS IT???? I'm blanking on it!!!!!!"

Yes, he's the luckiest, huh?

Especially when he gives me other words that MIGHT be close ... but they're not quite the word that I want ... And I'm all, "No! No, that's not it .... it's more ... It's not THAT one. .... WHAT IS IT?????"

Yup, he's a lucky man. *rolls eyes*
It's a good thing he loves me anyways.

But, yeah. I think that most movies and books are better when they don't rely on profanity to get their points across.

Just like my favorite movie edit EVER:

THAT, my dears, is completely full of win. Indubitably.


preciosamama said...

my neighbors fight all the time and I hear many 'f' and 'b' words jumbled into the horrible yelling match. I know that if I can hear them my daughter and the children I provide care for can hear them. Try explaining that to their parents.

For me i do not have the cleanest mouth but I try to judge the moment. Am I just around adults? children?

Also I am not an angel but if my child is going to learn a word I would rather it be from me and then I can explain and apologize for my bad choice.

I hate living in an apartment!

Allanna said...

Preciosamama - I agree. Living in an apartment was where I learned about calling the police. Not for people living adjacent, but for people living across the parking lot. *sigh*

And I FULLY AGREE -- if my kids are going to pick up less-than-celestial language, I'd prefer that it be my fault. Since they're around ME.

Since I'm around my kids so much, my language is better. (The worst I've ever been was my sophomore year of high school. :S It was NOT GOOD. I've worked VERY hard to rid my vocabulary of the words I used then. It's been HARD.)

Hope that you're able to either (1)get new neighbors or (2) a better place soon!

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