Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Strange things that I'm apparently good at ...

I love internet tests. I know ... it's dumb.

But, according to some of them, I'm actually good at things. (I often feel rather incompetent. Or I worry that, based on family history, I might be losing my vision or hearing.)

But, according to the FM 100 Hue Test, I apparently have perfect color vision! Zero errors!

With the ToneDeaf test, the results say that I have very good pitch (Which is why I visibly WINCE when I hear people singing off key. It hurts.)

So, yeah ... I have better-than-average color vision and pitch-recognition.
And I remember weird bits of trivia.
(Like how, I'll have a conversation with a friend ... and later, s/he'll bring it up and I can fill in some details. Michael's told me that I remember some conversations verbatim. Which is strange to know.)

These skills don't make me feel SUPERIOR to others ... but it's nice to know that I have some gifts to make up for my lack of athletic prowess and business acumen and the like.

I can follow recipes well. I can usually improvise some changes that work well (adding nutmeg, orange peel, and cinnamon to a glaze for a cake) ... Though there have been the times that experimentations do NOT work in my favor (Nutmeg doesn't belong in a spaghetti sauce. A cheese sauce shouldn't be started with a roux.)

I enjoy learning new things.

I can talk to people ... Meeting new people isn't always the easiest, but I enjoy getting to know new people, helping new people to feel at ease (which is one reason I love my calling at church. I get to know these young women ... and, hey, if I can help them feel welcomed and included, so much the better!)

Some people really enjoy my writing. (TAKE THAT, stupid standardized writing standards! I'm friggin' UNIQUE and ORIGINAL! I do have VOICE! ... Yeah, I'm still a little bitter.) ... Really, if you read my writing, it sounds just like me. I have a TERRIBLE time writing dry, informational papers. I get too bored and have to inject it with some life. ... If you haven't heard me talk, I'll try and vlog sometime. Even though I worry that I get a little TOO enthusiastic .... :S

I used to know how to swing and Lindy Hop somewhat decently. I'm terribly out of practice right now. But those are FUN dances. (I'd like to learn how to tango. Seriously, tangos are AWESOME to watch ...
I mean, really? How can one NOT love the tango?

Okay ... now to see if the sink's totally working again. (UGH. At least the dishwasher appears to work. Mostly ... *sigh*)


april b said...

I love the tango, too! I hadn't seen the one with Alan Rickman before. Awesome! I love the tango in the other two movies, too.

Brooke said...

Allanna, you are good at lots of things, but most importantly, you are a wonderful, incredible, delightful lady... I luv ya!

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