Monday, January 26, 2009

Insert clever, yet relevant, title HERE. Thanks.

What did I just do, you may ask?
(Or you may not KNOW that is what you're SUPPOSED to be asking. ... Okay, so ask it!!)
(There. See? Not that hard. And now I can continue ...)

Well, I've put the kidlets down for a nap (So WHAT if Bruise slept for over 12 hours straight yesterday? What of it?!?) ... and after about a half-hour, Bunny is SCREAMING.

So, I pad my pajama-bedecked self in there ... and she's crying and screaming about "Bruise *unintelligble* me!!"

I pick her up. I quiz her, "Did he BITE you? Did he HIT you?"

Finally, I get it out of her -- He pulled her arm.
And I look ... she's cradling that elbow with her other hand ... CRAPPIT.

I try and get her elbow un-dislocated ... and she's screaming and not-so-cooperative ... Not that I can blame her.  It's not something that's happened to me, but it sure seems painful.

Finally, "Sweetie, would some medicine help?"
She tearfully nods.

I get the children's ibuprofen, give her a jigger of it (Okay, so I DON'T know my liquor-stuff well enough to know if it is REALLY a jigger. I just WANT to uwse the word "jigger" in here, okay? It's a funny word. It rolls off the tongue, okay?!? ... Yes, I'm still a little testy. Sorry. ... I'm not TRYING to take it out on you. You know that I love you. Dear reader, you are very important to me. I'm just a little worked up. On edge. I'm trying to get a handle on myself. So, if I'm a little snarky and sharing the same temperment as a rabid, wounded badger on steroids ... I'm just really sorry, okay?)

... where was I? ... Oh, yes ... 'Give her a jigger of' the ibuprofen ... and get her calmed down ...

Wait, back up a sec. As I'm getting the ibuprofen, I'm quickly saying a prayer to REMEMBER how Dr. N taught me to reset Bunny's elbow. I'm able to go through the motions ("Straighten the arm. Rotate to palm-up. Bend the elbow. Okay.") and I go to my daughter, give her the drugs (It just sounds SO much more film noir to say it that way. MUCH cooler than "I gave her a dose of children's Motrin" ... right?)
(And, yes, it IS a drug. I was in D.A.R.E. when I was younger. And I totally rocked the whole "passive vs. assertive vs. aggressive" chapter. I was asked if I had read the chapter ahead of time. Nope!)

... AND then I hold her elbow in one hand, go through the little procedure, and *pop* it's back into the joint.

She just about immediately stops crying.

I'm so glad that I don't have to take her to the doctor's office. Phew.

Besides that, I'm tying to plow through my library books and such.

We tried watching Mad Men. Meh.
At least the clothes are great in it. But, the rest of it?
Well, okay ... it's nice to see YoSafBridge in something. It'd be cooler if it were a show that I enjoyed, though.

Oh well. I'm going to close up and watch Persuasion ... especially since I took the time and websearches to learn how to pronounce Ciaran Hinds' name. (KEER-ahn, for the record.)
And, besides, it's a nice reward to me for being a smart mom who can reset a joint. (But just THAT one, really. I may be able to put a shoulder back into place ... But the lower joints? Or the wrist? I'm no help there.)

(And, the pop of it going back into place is so small that it's not gross. Maybe just because this is my baby girl.)

Ugh. I need a shower. And to fold baskets of laundry. And wash loads of dishes. And to sleep hours of naps. And to read piles of books.



Prissy & Hero said...

Ugh! I'm proud of you for being able to do that yourself! I'd be freaking out and worried. Dislocated joints are NOT fun. Been on the receiving end of that before. Go Mommy-Llanna! Way to save your family mucho $$$!

nicole said...

poor little bunny!
i'm happy to hear she's ok and it was an easy fix.
your post was so cute!
the word "fiery" comes to mind. lol

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