Saturday, January 03, 2009

Belated 100 Things

Since I kept FORGETTING when I got to my 100th post on here ... and then when it got to 200 ... and 300 ... Well, I figured that I'd make it right.

SO! Post #400! Better late than never and all that, right?

Now to come up with 100 Things about myself ...

  1. Right now my hair is its natural color.
  2. Mostly because I've been too lazy and indecisive to color it.
  3. The last time I colored it was about two-and-a-half years ago.
  4. I feel at my most feminine when my toenails are painted.
  5. I like the smell of nail varnish.
  6. I like to say that, by shopping, I'm supporting the economy.
  7. I wish I could "support the economy" more.
  8. My To-Be-Read list at Goodreads is over 1700 books.
  9. It's going to take me a few years to get through all that.
  10. I'm SO glad that my children haven't appeared to have inherited my thumbs.
  11. I'm glad that my thumbs WORK ... they just look odd.
  12. But it's fun to say "bracydactyly." I think that's what it is.
  13. Even if I mispronounce it.
  14. Which, really, might make it even more fun to say.
  15. I have a cat who is 17 years old.
  16. This makes me feel a little old, too. Since I got her when I was eleven.
  17. I really hate driving.
  18. Maybe I'd like it better if I didn't have to get the kidlets buckled in. If they'd buckle themselves in, it'd be a LOT easier.
  19. I wish money grew on trees.
  20. I really want a money tree.
  21. I'd be a lot happier about raking leaves, I'll tell you.
  22. It makes me sad to hear that people I know get divorced.
  23. I like to believe (as I DO believe) that most relationships CAN be saved. ... If both parties are willing to work at it. It's not like you plant a garden and leave for ten years, hoping to pick some ripe peas and carrots when you get back. (If you do ... well, that's DELUSIONAL. But I'll still pet your hair.)
  24. I don't know my season ... Anyone feeling really adept at telling me?
  25. I really get burned out doing the dishes. (Which I REALLY NEED to do ... but I just can't bring myself to DO them. Waah! My life is HARD!! /self-pity)
  26. I understand quite a bit of geek/nerd humor. 
  27. I feel bad when I come across some that I DON'T get.
  28. I hate falling out of touch with friends.
  29. It makes me feel like a bit of a failure. I mean, if I like you ... won't I want to still keep tabs on you?
  30. I think that I've gotten a little anti-social since I've had kids.
  31. Probably to do with the fact that I have to pack up their swag, buckle them in the car, drag their swag in, gripe about having forgotten my cell phone at home ... it just is a bit of work. 
  32. Not that I don't love them. Because I DO!
  33. Or else I would have eaten them LONG before this. But I haven't! <-- Proof that I do, indeed, love my little spawnages!
  34. I have little patience for picky eaters. Sad, because I used to be pickier.
  35. I love to chat with cashiers while shopping. Or people in line at the store.
  36. Michael says that I could make friends with anyone.
  37. I don't know about that. Sometimes I wonder about people who want to be friends with me.
  38. I mean, why? I'm cute, I know ... but I'm also a bit insane and unbalanced.
  39. Maybe they just need some excitement in their life. (I'm not digging for compliments. I just don't think that I'm the SMARTEST, MOST INTERESTING, MOST GLAMOROUS person out there. Or even the cutest. Although I am VERY cute.)
  40. My husband makes me laugh.
  41. I love it when he's clever. Which is often. (Another reason I married him.)
  42. I wonder if I quote movies too often.
  43. But there are SO MANY situations which benefit from a movie-quote.
  44. If I ever get upset, you can always tell that I'm feeling better when I quote from Firefly. It's like the litmus test of my mood. I can be pissy, but I'm not all THAT pissy if I can flourish Whedonesque.
  45. I am VERY aware of how I smell.
  46. Which is why I have about eleventeen bazillion lotions and perfumes and body sprays on my counter in the bathroom.
  47. And why I love, love, love my Dove Clinical Strength deoderant.
  48. Even though it makes my armpit-skin feel REALLY weird. Almost sticky.
  49. No, you CANNOT touch my armpit skin. That's just weird. (Okay, Michael, YOU can. But no one else, really. Not even the kidlets. Though they try.)
  50. No, I'm NOT ticklish. It's just odd to have people touching my pits!
  51. I wonder if I should take this list more seriously. ... Maybe.
  52. I want to go to Scotland.
  53. And Japan.
  54. And Great Britain. (And take a lot of money with me to get nice bras! Because it seems that SO many of the bra companies that make bras to fit people with my build are across the pond. No fair!)
  55. And Germany. I mean, why else did I take German instead of Spanish?
  56. Although I can talk about monkey-kings and cat litter boxes in German ... VERY useful. :P
  57. I love it when Lilo says "Then I'd be an ABOMINATION!" Makes me laugh every time.
  58. My nails always break. Except when I wa pregnant. It was a nice bonus. Made up for the 12 weeks of puking.
  59. I would like to slow dance more often with my husband.
  60. I DO love to see the temple. It makes me happy.
  61. I enjoyed getting to play a bad girl in theater. Bad girls seem to have SO much fun!
  62. But I really like being a good girl (most of the time). Less to regret. ^_^
  63. I like mashed potatoes. 
  64. And macaroni and cheese ... cheesy, like at KFC.
  65. I just like comfort foods, I guess.
  66. I read romance novels. Lynn Kurland is one of my favorites.
  67. Also Regency-era romances, since there's less smut. I like ROMANCE, not play-by-play, please.
  68. I also love to read about time traveling.
  69. Which rather started my crushlet on Jerry O'Connell, since he was in Sliders.
  70. In my opinion, sweet pickles are an abomination. Just sayin'.
  71. I was in ballet when I was younger. I wouldn't be goo en pointe, though. My second tow is longer than my first. I'd totally screw up my feet. 
  72. I didn't care for tap dancing, though. So I switched to Jazz. Which was fun.
  73. I quit dance classes in fifth grade. 
  74. I quit Girl Scouts in sixth grade. So I could join chess club. Which disbanded a few months later. And I just didn't get back into Girl Scouts.
  75. Selling Girl Scout cookies did two things -- let me know a few techniques for dealing with rejection ... and got me addicted to those darn cookies. I love me some Samoas. And those shortbread ones, too. And thin mints. But, above all, those Samoas. Love those Samoas.
  76. I always think of myself as a "big" girl. Probably because at 135 lbs, I was larger than most of the girls in theater.
  77. And because I think of myself as a "big" girl, I try to be charming and witty and darling enough CONSTANTLY to distract people from my pant size.
  78. I like to sing. I don't sing all that much at present.
  79. I used to ALWAYS be in a choir ... or looking forward to being in a school musical.
  80. I'm finally coming to grips with the fact that my HUGE high school crush never LIKED me-liked me. His loss. Because I am pretty all right, you know.
  81. What's sad is that it took me nearly a decade to deal. Even though I have like, the awesomest husband.
  82. I tend to live in the past sometimes. Why is this?
  83. I can't crochet or knit
  84. I have a little phobia of the sewing machine. I secretly fear that I'm going to get my hand, then arm, caught in it. And end up looking like Frankenstein's monster. It hasn't happened ... yet.
  85. Thanks to my dad, I have a little phobia of beavers. He told me, when I was little, that if I got too close to a beaver (because, face it, I was the type of kid to go up gladly to anything furry), it would bite my leg off. I KNOW that this isn't QUITE true. But I did scream the one time I ended up about five yards from a wild beaver ... and ran back into the house as fast as I could.
  86. I think I'm spoiled since I have such CUTE, attractive children. So I worry what will happen if I ever have an average-looking child. I hope that I will be cool and love them just as much (if not more). But I know that I'm a little shallow.... :(
  87. I wish I spoke foreign languages well. My German is passable (for a third-grader, maybe) ... but I know very little Spanish. And most of it is not very useful. I mean, really, when am I going to use "I like to dance in the bathroom?"
  88. I enjoy video games. Especially Final Fantasy. Even though I've played VIII, IX, X and X-2, I've only actually finished FFIX. But I'd like to play all of those to the finish. Oh, and I did play a little of VII and I have III on my DS. I need to finish all those, too.
  89. Which might happen after the kids are in school. And I have time to volunteer and keep a clean house ... and play video games. ^_^ And read some of the books on my to-read list.
  90. I would like to write a novel. And have it published. And have some money from it. But I don't know what to write. I don't think that my memoirs would sell well ... Not yet. ^_^
  91. I read a lot of YA fiction.
  92. I'm crap at archery. I keep hitting the inside of my elbow with the bowstring, since I tend to hyperextend my elbow. And I don't like pain. It doesn't help that I'm not great at aiming, either.
  93. I'd like to try falconry. Hawks and falcons and other birds of prey are pretty. ... I hope they don't smell like carrion or anything.
  94. I don't like to eat fish. I can eat tuna and fish sticks, though. 
  95. I used to draw on my desks at school. In pencil. It just felt better than on paper. And I'd erase everything afterwards.
  96. I'm not confident at my drawing style. Maybe because it's kind of distinctive. It's very sketch-y ... and kids in my school (which was a small school, I know) could always pick my pictures out. Which was kind of embarassing.
  97. Yes, I do have neuroses. I'm aware of this. (Once, when I said that I was neurotic, another boy misheard it as "erotic" ... which was nice for comic relief.)
  98. I would love to have a teal-colored Nintendo DS. I like teal.
  99. I would still play with paper dolls. I used to have quite a collection.
  100. I miss having kitten-kittens around. But I won't, since it's too hard to find good homes for them ... and too expensive to take proper care of them. And unless I get a commune, there'd be no room for them. But, oh, the mewings and the purrings and the pouncings (and before that, the fact that they fit in your HAND!!!!) ... I miss all that.


Anonymous said...

Long post... and long overdue. I can't believe you have 400 posts... didn't I start blogger before you? [opens new tab to check] Hmmmm guess not. Well congratulations anywho! What did I addict you too? Didn't we begin our blog obsessions at the same time? Now I'm confused!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, and I like your color the way it is... if you're desperate for change, a rinse would be good... no regrowth. Wait, sorry... not a rinse... a demi-permanent color. Rinses are the stuff we used on white haired people, temporary, and washes out. I'm a huge fan of Redken's Shades EQ. I think it would be fun to put a warmer brown tone over what you have now... Think chocolate brown with a cinnamon or nutmeg tint to it. It would play up your eyes quite nicely! And if we used the right shade, it wouldn't even leave a regrowth line! W00T!

Allanna said...

I know that I started blogging (my OLD blog) back when I was still in college (Oh, gosh, now I sound ANCIENT!) ... around early 2003.

It was before I met you (and my life was all the sadder for that!) ^_^.

2004 was the year that I really started blogging regularly. And then it wasn't until the kidlets were born that I started regularly blogging here, since I could actually post pictures. ^_^

And a demi-permanent color sounds great. I'll have to look into that.

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